COVID-19 Update

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 3:40 p.m.

Dear Albion Community,

As you may know, there has been a steep uptick in COVID-19 cases in the State of Michigan and Calhoun County over the last week. While our campus percentage of COVID-19 cases is still well below the state’s rate, we have been directed by the county health department to take extra precautions with our confirmed positive cases on campus, as the uptick in cases regionally is impacting the availability of healthcare facilities.

As of today, one of our fraternities has been placed in quarantine. Recently, two members of this fraternity, who have been in close contact with others living in this fraternity house, have tested positive. The members who tested positive have been isolated, and the rest of the chapter has been moved to quarantine. The COVID-19 team and fraternity are working together to minimize the risk to organization members and the rest of the Albion College community. The College appreciates the efforts and cooperation from this fraternity and the rest of the fraternity and sorority community as we navigate this pandemic.

Current COVID-19 Data*

6 positives in isolation on campus
3 positives in isolation off campus
15,351 tests, 52 positives since 8/4/20
Population positive rate: 2.6%
National rate: 8.2% | Rate for the state of Michigan: 11.73%
Total # of student cases: 48
Total # of employee cases: 4 
Total # of false positives: 1
Risk level: Medium


Our community is advised to take extra precaution as cases are on a significant rise in Calhoun County, the state of Michigan, and now on campus.

Self-identification of symptoms is very important. Members of our community have been quick to report symptoms to the COVID-19 office, leading to rapid identification and quarantine of close contacts, thereby protecting the community.

*Changes in cases will be highlighted in the new update format to simplify community reporting.

What you can do:

To keep yourself and others safe, members of our community with symptoms should self-quarantine immediately and notify . Please continue to report symptoms in the Aura app daily, too. Immediate reporting of symptoms allows us to stop the spread of COVID-19 across campus. To bring the rate of infection down:

  1. Complete your daily health screening in the Aura app.
  2. Get tested on your assigned dates and times.
  3. Do not visit other residence halls, apartments or fraternity houses besides your own.
  4. Do not hold or attend unapproved social gatherings in residential spaces.
  5. Do not leave campus without following the established process for doing so.
  6. If you are in quarantine, remain in your room and adhere to all quarantine policies.
  7. Live the commitment we made, the Albion Community Commitment.

Office of the President

For more information, see our Positive Test Response Protocol.


Population percentage = % of population testing positive.