COVID-19 Update

Thursday, October 15, 2020, 1:30 p.m.

Dear Albion Community,

We have identified five additional positive test results. The majority of these individuals were already in close contact or symptomatic quarantine which significantly limited the number of close contacts. These individuals are currently in isolation and close contacts are being identified.

Current COVID-19 Data
10 positives in isolation on-campus
0 positives in isolation off-campus
11,932 test results and 31 positive cases since 8/4/20
Overall positive testing rate: 0.25%
Population positive rate: 1.5%
National rate: 4.9% | Rate for the state of Michigan: 4.48%
Total # of student cases: 28
Total # of employee cases: 3
Total # of false positives: 1

Some students are actively choosing to violate our protocols, putting all of us in danger and jeopardizing the safety of others outside of our campus bubble. The student conduct process — including the potential for suspensions and expulsions — has now been fully activated for any student that clearly and actively violates any of our public health and safety protocols.

To be clear, this includes but is not limited to:

  1. Moving between residence halls.
  2. Any unapproved social gatherings
  3. Leaving campus without permission for any reason.
  4. Not completing the daily health screening symptom check reporting in the Aura app.
  5. Failure to be tested on assigned dates and times.

All of us must live the commitment we made, the Albion Community Commitment, in order to be successful. We are confident Brits can do this — and we look forward to a continued productive, fun, healthy and safe fall semester.

Office of the President

For more information, see our Positive Test Response Protocol.


Testing percentage = % of total tests resulting in a positive.
Population percentage = % of population testing positive.