Mental Health, Medical Information & Resources

On-Campus Resources

Albion College Counseling Services: Albion College Counseling Services offers a comprehensive range of free services to all currently enrolled Albion College students, regardless of citizenship status. These services include individual and group psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling, educational and psychological testing, and psychiatric consultations.

All services are confidential as covered by state HIPPA laws and our professional code of ethics and conduct. This means the citizenship status of students using counseling services is not reported to anyone outside our office.

Our hours are 8-12:00 and 1-5:00 Monday-Friday. We also have an on-call counselor available after hours and over the weekend. To contact the on-call counselor, contact campus safety and ask to speak with the counselor on-call. Our office is located in the white building across the street from Wesley Hall. For more information visit our webpage.

Student Health Services Statement: The mission of Albion College Student Health Services is “To provide holistic and comprehensive care to Albion College students”. These services are provided to all Albion College students regardless of citizenship status. The services provided by our clinic are mostly free. A full list of services can be found on our webpage.

All services provided within the clinic are confidential. This means the citizenship status of the student is not reported to anyone outside Student Health Services, except when necessary for referrals to other specialty services. Student Health Services staff have access to a network of specialty service providers who understand and are willing to participate in the care of our undocumented students. When referral is needed to a specialty clinic, call Student Health Services at 517/629-0220, and we will assist you with referral to one of these providers.

Albion Care

In partnership with TimelyMD, Albion College provides 24/7 medical and mental telehealth care to students through Albion Care. Albion Care is available to all students 365 days a year from anywhere in the United States, free of charge, with no insurance necessary. The only required ID is logging in with albion email address.

To access, go to on any web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Register with your Albion College email address, and log in to begin using services via voice or video call.

Visit Albion Care

Off-Campus Resources

Nearby Health Services for Uninsured Students

Fountain Clinic (Marshall, Michigan)
If on campus student health services cannot meet a students needs, the Fountain Clinic (in Marshall, a neighboring town) offers charitable care for uninsured people ineligible for health insurance. Services are provided by appointment ONLY and there are no emergency services. Rides to the Fountain Clinic are provided by Campus Safety. Students are not required to disclose their reasons for attending the facility. For more information, see the clinic's website at or call: 269-781-0952.