Offices and Programs

Anna Howard Shaw Women's Center

The Women's Center coordinates social, cultural, and political programs focused on women for the Albion College Community. The Center also works to develop and disseminate resource materials that help educate the community about ideas and issues that impact and involve women. Acknowledge that a key component of feminism is sisterhood, the Center seeks to co-create an environment at Albion in which women can flourish and achieve to their potential.

Campus Programs and Organizations

The Office of Campus Programs and Organizations (CPO) provides students with numerous opportunities to enhance and complement their classroom experiences through co-curricular programs such as student organizations, Greek life (fraternities/sororities), community service, new student orientation, and many major campus-wide programs and events. CPO works diligently to augment students’ academic experiences while supporting a broad and challenging series of opportunities beyond the classroom.

Campus Safety

The Department of Campus Safety, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, works with the college community to ensure the safety and security of the entire campus. Directed by professional staff members, the Department provides building patrols, building openings and closings, after-hour admittances, escorts, parking enforcement, emergency fire and medical response, and general patrol of campus property. The department works very closely with the City of Albion’s Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies.

Chaplain's Office

The Office of the Chaplain celebrates and cultivates religious devotion and spiritual development, and strives to create a welcoming and affirming context for the entire College community. The office does this in a variety of ways, such as providing connections between students and religious communities (both on and off campus), hosting interfaith dialogue opportunities, leading Christian unity efforts on campus, supporting students exploring ministry, and offering pastoral care in times of joy and loss.

Counseling Services

In both group and individual settings, Counseling Services provides students a confidential environment to explore concerns related to a variety of issues. College is a time of growth and transition and students often attend counseling to address eating concerns, depression, interpersonal relationships, stress management, sexuality, loss and grief, and other concerns. Educational programs, consultation on counseling-related topics, and referrals to area mental health resources can be provided as well. Counseling Services welcomes students from all backgrounds and embraces a philosophy of respectful diversity.

First-Year Experience

Through the First-Year Experience Program, Student Development staff members coordinate many programs and activities for first-year students to assist them with their transition to Albion College.

Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is dedicated to the support of minority students and to promoting the awareness of multicultural issues among students, staff and faculty. The office affords students the opportunity to participate in a number of organizations, activities and programs that assist minority students in developing a sense of belonging at Albion and helps the entire student body expand it’s knowledge of multicultural issues.

Residential Life

While at Albion College, you will find that learning opportunities provided in the campus residences enhance the more formal classroom learning. Sharing common living spaces with other students challenges each resident to develop skills such as communication and assertiveness. Students can also gain leadership and organizational skills through their participation in hall government and program development. Visit the Office of Residential Life.

Student Health Services Navigator

The focus of the Student Health Services Navigator is to take a holistic approach in supporting the wellness needs of Albion College students. This may include sharing health promotion and disease prevention information throughout the academic year. The Student Health Services Navigator will assist students with insurance issues, referrals, coordination of ongoing care, and navigating health care services through the College partnership with the Oaklawn Family Practice and Express Care - Albion.