Local Sexual Assault Advocates (LSAAs)

Non-Emergency & Confidential Referral Service Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County, Bronson Battle Creek Local Sexual Assault Advocacy (LSAA) Program at Albion College

Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County (SAS), Bronson Battle Creek, sponsors a Local Sexual Assault Advocate (LSAA) Program at the College to supplement SAS services. The LSAA volunteers are members of the College community who have been trained to offer support, advocacy, information, and referrals exclusively to current Albion College faculty, staff, and students who are (a) survivors of sexual assault, or (b) attending to another community member who is a survivor. LSAA volunteers are trained to maintain confidentiality while they are acting in that capacity, except in instances that involve a threat of harm to any person. LSAA volunteers have access to spaces on campus that allow them to meet with survivors and others in a confidential setting.

For urgent or emergency services, contact SAS directly 24/7: 888/383-2192.

The following College community members are currently serving as LSAA volunteers. Their contact information and availability are listed below.

The following faculty LSAAs provide assistance on Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

  • Dr. Trisha Franzen
    Office Phone: 517/629-0535

  • Dr. Eric Hill
    Office Phone: 517/629-0278

  • Dr. Marcie Noble
    Office Phone: 517/629-0209

  • Dr. Scott Melzer
    Office Phone: 517/629-0421

  • Billie Wickre

    Office Phone: 517/629-0375

  • Dr. Krista Quesenberry

Student LSAAs are available to provide assistance seven days a week between 8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

  • Khailah Johnson-Bustamente

  • Laurel McGerty

  • Isaiah Clinton "I.Q." Quarles

  • Bailey Burbank

  • Sydeny Rudowski

  • Leiyah Denson

  • Molly Bentley

  • Hannah Woods

  • James Takeshita