Web Print

Login: Log in to Web Print (Network/Coursewebs/wifi credentials)

How to print to an Albion printer from your personal computer.

What type of files can I print?



You will not be able to choose a specific page range when using the web print option. If your document is 8 pages, you will have to print all 8 pages instead of pages 3 and 4. If you would like to print specific pages, you will need to save them as a separate document.

How do I access web print?

Log in to webprint with your Albion network username and password. This is the same password you use to log-in to course webs or an Albion computer lab machine.


Select the “Web Print” option available from the list on the left-hand side.


Once you have selected Web Print, select the “Submit a Job” button on the right-hand side of the screen. Next, you will see the list of printers available for web print. Select the printer you would like to print to. If the printer you would like to print to is not listed, web print is currently not available for that printer. Please email with the name of that printer so it can be considered for Web Print in the future.


Next, you will select the number of copies and to which account you would like to print to. The default is to print one (1) copy of the document, but you can change that by altering the number in the “Copies” box.

It will default to your personal account, but if you are a member of a student organization, you can select “Charge to shared account,” and select that organization in the drop-down menu. We do not use PIN/code at Albion so that feature can be ignored. When you are finished modifying the number of copies and account information, you can select “Upload Document.


Lastly, you will select “Browse” to locate the document you would like to print. Once you have selected the document, click the “Upload & Complete” button to finish printing.


The screen above will appear once your job has been queued for printing. To continue printing, select the “Submit a Job” button.