Print & Copy Credit

Print & Copy Credit
Each underclass student (first-year through junior year) receives print and copy credit of $20 per semester (400 pages).  Each senior student receives a print and copy credit of $25 per semester (500 pages).  Students enrolled in summer school will receive an additional $7.50 of print and copy credit (150 pages).  Print and copy credit applies to printers in the following areas: Stockwell-Mudd Library,  Ferguson Hall Computer Lab, Olin Hall Computer Lab, Palenske Hall, Putnam Hall and the Residence Halls.  Print credit rolls over each semester until the value of the print credit account reaches the ceiling of $60.00 (1200 pages). 

Monochrome sheets are $.05 and color sheets are $.20.

Purchasing additional Print and Copy Credit

Students needing additional print credit may purchase additional credit at the cost of five cents (.05) per page/credit.  Follow link to purchase additional credit with Briton Bucks from your Albion1Card.  Print and copy credit can also be purchased at the Accounting Office Monday-Friday 8:15 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.  Students can rollover the print and copy credit balance from semester to semester.  To view your balance at anytime, visit

To further conserve resources, duplexer units have been installed on many of the lab printers.  Print jobs using the duplexer will charge as one page rather than two pages.  Since there may be times when duplexing is not preferred, the duplex feature can be overridden in the print settings dialog box as needed.

Submitting a job to a color printer
There are two color printers available for student use on campus.  One is located in the Ferguson Hall Computer Lab while the other is near the reference desk in Mudd Library.  Print jobs submitted to these printers will charge students thirty cents (.20) in print credit or 4 credits for each page.  We strongly encourage all users to print in color only when it is necessary to have color on the page.  For example, if you have a 10 page document and pages 4 & 5 have color photos, only print those two pages on a color printer while printing the remainder of the pages on a monochrome printer.