Using Your G: Drive

Using Your G: Drive
The G: drive looks like an extra hard drive, but it is actually a specific amount of group file storage space on our network servers. This space is designated to accomodate your department or division file sharing needs. Because it is on an Albion College server, the files you place on your G: drive are backed up regularly and automatically scanned for viruses.

The G: drive is the perfect place to store college-related work that you need to share with others in your department or division.

What to Store on G:
Documents and other files you share with others in your department or division
Files that need to be reviewed by others but will later be relocated to the H: drive.

What Not to Store on G:
Files that are not shared
Audio & video files for personal use, such as MP3s, AVIs, and MPEGs.
Personal digital images (photos)
Files you don't use anymore, (put them on CD)
Extremely large files (your storage space is limited)
Program Files (place on C: drive)


  • I understand my storage space on G: is limited, how do I preserve important data such as old assignments and personal files?
  • Most of the newer staff computers and the public computing labs on campus are equipped with CD-R/RW drives. Portable CD burners are also available for staff sign-out from Instructional Technology. You can copy your files to your C: drive and then archive them to CD. Remove them from your G: drive after verifying the CD's contents.
  • I'm out of space on my G: drive! What do I do?
  • Each department receives 500 megabytes of space. Remember, the G: drive is for shared, college-related use, not personal files. Review your G: drive for outdated and unused files and remove them. You should also move personal files to CD or your personal computer's hard drive (C: drive). If you still do not have sufficient drive space, contact the Help Desk.