Using Your H: Drive

After logging into Windows, you will find several drive letters appearing in the "My Computer" window. Among these drive letters, one is designated as H.

The H: drive looks like an extra hard drive, but it is actually a specific amount of individual file storage space on our network servers. Because it is on an Albion College server, the files you place on your H: drive are backed up regularly and automatically scanned for viruses.

The H: drive the perfect place to store college-related work.

What to Store on H:
Documents and other files you use repeatedly
Current or in-progress files
Documents or files you need to access from another location on campus)

What Not to Store on H:
Audio & video files for personal use, such as MP3s, AVIs, and MPEGs.
Personal digital images (photos)
Files you don't use anymore, such as old assignments and papers (put them on CD)
Extremely large files (your storage space is limited)
Program files (put on your C: drive)