VMware (virtual network)

VMware is a virtualization technology which allows you to connect to your Albion office/lab machine when you are home or traveling so you may access the Albion network as you would on campus.

Instructions to connect to VMware via a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome):

  • Enter https://vdi.albion.edu/portal/webclient/index.html#/ into your browser of choice
  • Read and accept disclaimer.Click Accept.
  • Enter your Albion network Username and Password. Please be certain the "Domain" field is left as "Albion"
  • Double-click on the "W10Staff" image.
  • If prompted, select "I understand the Risks" "Add Exception" and "Confirm Security Exception"
  • You will soon see a campus desktop with the Albion background through which you can access campus resources. 
  • When finished, select "Log Off" from the Start menu.

 vdi Client Software:

 If you are experiencing connectivity issues with the browser client, you can try downloading the client directly to your computer.  To download and install the client for connections, go to:  https://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients 

  • Download and install the appropriate client
  • Run the program
  • Choose "New Server"
  • Enter the name of the Connection Server:  vdi.albion.edu
  • Accept the Terms of Service, and log in with your network username and password.
  • Double-click on the W10Staff image

WARNING: Save all documents and files onto your network drives (G, H, W, P) as files saved onto the virtual machine desktop will be lost. 

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the helpdesk at 517-629-0479 or email .