Budget Status

Click on the Banner icon on your desktop, login using your BANNER user name, password and BRIT3.  When the main menu comes up, type in FGIBDST in the Direct Access box.  This screen displays departmental budget status.  Your access to this screen and information on this screen depends on what has been approved for your personal user name.



 Chart: A Always, stands for Albion.

Fiscal Year: Use the last two digits of the latter year of the Fiscal Year. IE, 1998-99 is denoted 99. You may only look at one Fiscal Year at a time. Restricted funds (those with fund numbers beginning with a 2) will show only the selected year=s information on this screen.

Index: N/A

Orgn: Digits 6-10 of account number. (Example: Faculty Service is 11001). (Restricted funds skip entry here and go to Fund) Enter your department/organization number. Note that the Fund and Program code for your department will default in. Authorization will generally be limited to your specific department. Access to other departments and/or funds will require approval from your VP.

Fund: First 5 digits of account number (11000 (default) for Current Operating Fund pooled expenses, 12000 -limited access, for Salary and Benefit expenses). If querying a restricted fund, enter the Restricted Fund Code (Example: Gifts - Academic Departments (is 22004). Again, access to restricted funds will require approval from your VP.


Account: Leave blank

Activity: N/A

Location: N/A


Ctrl-Page Down: or in banner lingo Next Block. In Banner a solid line across the screen denotes a different block. To get to the next block, while holding down the CTRL key, press the Page Down key.

You should now see your departmental budget status information.

Account Highlight the account you wish to check budget. Click on Options in the Menu and then Transaction Detail Information. You also have access to the Budget Summary Information and Organization Encumbrances. These will allow you to review additional information pertaining to your department's budget information.


 F7 Query: To look for a specific type item use the F7 key, go to the field of the attribute and enter in the desired item (character sensitive and % as a wildcard), then F8 to execute the query.

REPORTS - Will continue to be run by the business office. Screen prints of your budget information are available to you by selecting File, Print from the tool bar and will print to your default printer. You can also extract a comma-delimited file by selecting Help, then Extract Data with Key (top of page info), or Extract Data No Key.