Quick Flow

A quick flow connects various forms so that upon exiting one form, another form opens. This can be used when data entry or retrieval requires the use of more than one form to ensure that all forms are used to save time.

If the quick flow had already been created, select Quick Flow from the File menu. Enter the name of the Quick Flow and click start. If the name of the quick flow is unknown, double click in the field where you would enter the name and a list of values will appear. Using the scroll bar, locate the correct quick flow. (Quick Flows can also be entered in your personal menu). The first form in the sequence will appear, upon exiting the form the next form in the sequence will appear. This will continue based on how the quick flow was designed.

If the quick flow stops and you have more records to view or enter, click start again. If you want to stop a quick flow after it has started, select Exit Quick Flow from the File menu.

To create a new quick flow you must have access to GUAQUIK- Quick Flow Definition form and GTVQUIK - Quick Flow Validation Form.

  1. Start with GTVQUIK to name the quick flow. F6 or Insert records will give you a blank record. The code name can be up to four (4) characters while the actual name can be up to thirty - (30) characters in length. GTVQUIK is a form shared by all users so be certain not to use a code name already in use.
  2. Save F10 or click on the yellow disk icon in the tool bar. Close GTVQUIK and open GUAQUIK.
  3. Enter the code name that was just added in the key block. Ctrl+pageDown.
  4. Enter the seven-character form or screen name for each form in the desired sequence. The search block on the left can be used if the seven-character name is unknown. Save and exit.
  5. The Quick Flow is now ready to use. From the File menu select quick flow or enter the four-character code name in Direct Access.

Quick Flow design tips:

Look over the existing quick flows to be certain someone has not already created one that accesses the same forms. Once a quick flow has been created, it can be used by anyone that has access to those same screens.

Quick flows can only be used to bring up separate forms or screens, it cannot be used to bring up blocks of the same form or screen.
While the quick flow can be started as many times as needed, it might be helpful to create the sequence to repeat itself a number of times before it needs to be restarted. This would apply for mass data entry projects. See the Quick Flow HOUS for an example. This Quick Flow was created to enter housing applications, room assignments and meal assignments. These were entered in batches of a hundred or more. The sequence for HOUS repeats 9 times before it would need to be restarted.