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Hands-on Learning: Students Research, Design and 3D Print Fantastic Beasts

Inspired by the Harry Potter follow-up series – Fantastic Beasts, Albion College Art History Professor Bille Wickre taught a First Year Seminar course in fall of 2018 called Fantastic Beasts. This course explored mythical beasts, their representation in history, and their meanings.

Exploring African Art and Culture Through Interactive Story Mapping

Art, in all its forms, is about telling a story, and the Art History class taught by Dr. Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi is certainly no exception. However, this story has a twist: her students had to use interactive mapping in order to tell their stories about African art and culture.

Digital Annotation Using a Tablet and Microsoft OneNote

Physics Professor Phil Voss didn’t just wanted to teach, he wanted to create a studio setup where students can be active and engage with content, then easily access notes from the session. He did just that for his Physics 167 course at Albion College. While there are many different features to this setup, Voss has learned chalkboards don’t really mix. Instead, Voss uses a projector and a 2-in-1 laptop when he needs to ‘write on the board.’

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