Moodle Course Webs Undergoes Significant Upgrades

Over the weekend, the Albion College Moodle Course Webs underwent an upgrade from version 3.2 to 3.7. This means there are some significant changes to how those on campus can use course webs. The following list outlines the major changes, or added features, that come with version 3.7. 

Homepage Changes

Once you log into you will notice an immediate change. Instead of viewing the Technology Training and Resources page, you will instead see a customizable dashboard. This page will list up to 12 of your most recent courses. You can choose how to display your courses - in Card, List, or Summary format. Additionally, you can costumize the blocks on this home page to make the page work best for you. 

To access the Technology Training and Resources page, you will now need to find and click the menu option on the left called Training & Resources. 

Course Images

Professors now have the ability to add a photo to represent their course. This is heavily recommended as the dashboard displays a photo to match each course. Tailor this to your course or your personality. 

Start by visiting the desired course web. Click the cog icon on the top right corner and select Edit settings. Scroll down to the Course image section and add a photo. Once finished, click Save and display. This will add an image to the dashboard, allowing professors and students to find the course faster. 

File Uploads (for student assignments)

Professors now have the ability to dictate which types of files are accepted for an assignment. The professor can limit students to uploading a PDF, Word Doc, Pages Doc, and many more. By activating this setting, professors can now ensure students only submit files they are able to open. 

When creating an assignment activity, click on the tab called Submission types. Next to Accepted file types, select Choose. A list will appear and the professor can choose which file types will be accepted for that assignment. 

Enroll Users from the Participants Page

Professors can now enroll new users from the Participants Page. Simply click on Participants to view your class list. If someone is missing, click on Enroll users on the top right corner. Type the desired name in the Search bar, choose which role to give them and then click Enroll users. 

Making a Grade Item Extra Credit

Those who have made Grade Items, then edited that grade item to make it extra credit, can now save time. Each time you create a Grade Item in the Gradebook Setup, there will automatically be an option to turn it into an extra credit item. Simply check the extra credit box and click Save changes. 


There is a minor change to sending a forum post without an editing time delay. In order to do this, follow the steps to add a forum post. Then, click on the Advance tab. Check the box for Send with no editing time delay. 


If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to email  for more information. Updated guides to match version 3.7 will be added to the Moodle Guides (for Instructors) course web.