Network Password Reset for students

Network Password Reset!

by Eric Beadle

Matrix meme what if I told you you could reset your own password

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Self-Service network password reset is now live!

This is the account you use for:

Logging in to campus / lab computers / WebPrint


Course webs / Moodle

Microsoft Office 365


Login using your FULL network password,  (Such as - this will be the same as your email address)

Password reset will be sent as a text message to the cell phone that you have registered with the school.  

To check and/or verify the cell number we have listed:

1.   Go to

2.  Login with your email address and network password (as with Office365)

3.  Select “Profile”, then “Set up self service password reset”

4.  Provide the preferred method for the system to contact you

If you have any difficulty, just email from your email address with your current cell number and an alternate email address and we can ensure it is up to date.