Google Forms in the Classroom Promote Discussion, Analytics-Based Lessons and Organization

A great class often features great discussion and debates. But sometimes students just don’t seem to want to dive into the topic, or say 8am is too early to engage. Albion College Mathematics Professor Heather Jordon has found a way to use Google Forms to engage students, encourage discussion and informally assess students between class sessions. Jordan also uses Forms both in and out of the classroom for organization and maintenance. 

Before class, Jordon sends a Google Form to her students. These forms usually contain 2-3 questions about an upcoming session or topic. These are low-level questions, mostly pertaining to terminology and examples. Students are asked to fill out the form before the class so Jordon can review them first.

“I’ve found this to be very helpful in gauging what students will understand easily and what they will struggle with,” says Jordon. “It also sets the agenda for that class and helps me to stay on track.”

Jordon says Google Forms displays the results so a professor can easily look at each question and know whether or not students are struggling with the concept.

“I can quickly discern where the difficulties lie,” says Jordon. She then uses this information to guide her lesson. Jordon says she will often keep or refer to student answers from these Forms and bring them up as anonymous discussion points in class. “It really opens up dialogue,” adds Jordon.

Jordon also uses Google Forms as a way to stay organized. Students can sign up to present on assigned math problems or for classroom presentations using a Google Form. Jordon even recently had students sign up for advising using a Google Form.

“This really helped me to prepare in advance for an advising meeting and to keep track of who I already met with.”

Just like Jordon, any faculty, staff or student at Albion College can easily use Google Forms. Log into your Albion Google account, click on the Apps icon and choose Forms. Contact with questions or to schedule a training.