BANNER 9: Make Way for the New

by Jess Lampkin

AC squirrel meme "This is it, don't get scared now"Squirrel image: Dgwildlife/Thinkstock

Albion College is currently in the process of upgrading to Banner 9. Have no fear! Upgrading to Banner 9 is not as scary as it may sound. Banner gave the upgrade its biggest face-lift ever, with a more modern and user-friendly interface. This means no more web browser exclusivity, mobile device limitations, or that 1990s feeling (some things should just be left there). 

This upgrade is not optional, but necessary, as the end of life for Banner 8 is December 31, 2018. Once this happens, Ellucian will no longer release regulatory updates, security fixes, and support will be very limited. These are just a few reasons why the move to Banner 9 is essential. Did I mention an improved interface?

Ellucian describes the upgrade as "a fresh user experience, all-new tools, and significantly improved capabilities across Banner, driving new efficiencies so you can focus on student success" (What's new in Banner 9).

IT News will provide all your Banner 9 insider information such as the implementation timeline, Banner 9 articles, and other Banner 9 related news. Please stay tuned for updates!  

Who does this affect?

Only administrators will notice the initial implementation changes. As for the rest of campus, one of the first improvements that will be observed is that network credentials will get you into ACIS - no PIN necessary! Banner 9 will continue to have the same functionality; however, the most notable differences will be the change in appearance and some keyboard shortcuts. Staff training for Banner 9 will commence in September. 

"What is Banner?" you may ask.

Ellucian Banner is the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that Albion College uses to centralize its academic and administrative records. Banner maintains information for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. For more information on Banner, check out their website.

What is happening now?

Albion College has contracted an experienced Banner consultant, whose team will assist Albion College with Banner 9 migration. Please continue to watch IT News for more information and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Help Desk via