IT Incident 3/25/18


Sun, 25 Mar 2018 19:06:47 -0400

Self-Service Chatbot Coming Soon

In August 2018, the Albion College IT and Helpdesk websites will feature a
new responsive chatbot, named Brit. This chatbot is designed to help those
on campus find the technical resources they need from these websites by
quickly searching a topic.

Having trouble connecting a game box? Brit will direct the user to Helpdesk
guides and tutorials to solve the problem. Looking for a way to
troubleshoot classroom technology after hours? Brit will lead users
directly to a Quick Start Guide outlining technology in the desired

While the release date is tentative, Brit could make his debut before the
end of the 2017-2018 academic year. If so, he will still have a lot of
learning to do. We encourage users to find Brit and ask him the tough
tech questions.
Information Technology will be working to constantly improve Brit’s
knowledge and have him ready to answer questions full time by Fall 2018.