IT Incident 3/13/18


IT Incident: Spam alert
Tue, 13 Mar 2018 20:23:31 -0400

This evening, we have received several reports from students of a SPAM
email. The email has a subject line: “joboffice” and contains a text
file. Thanks to those who forwarded this.

We have reviewed this message, and verified it is Spam. It appears to be
targeted to students email accounts. It does not appear to contain any
type of virus or malware component.

To assist the Gmail servers in identifying this as Spam and help to filter
these out, plaese make sure to “Report as Spam” in your email client.

To mark as Spam:

How to Report Spam in Gmail in Your Browser

– Place a check mark next to the message or messages in Gmail by
clicking in the empty box in front of the email.
– Click the Spam icon—an exclamation mark in a circle—at the top of the
screen to mark the checked emails as spam.

How to Report Spam in Gmail in the Gmail App

– Open the message or place a check mark in front of one or more
– Press the Menu button. (If you open the message, select More.)
– Select Report spam.

Thank you,

Eric Beadle
Director of Systems & Networking and User Services