Rocketbook Notebooks: The Future of Notetaking?

by Miya Dunham

At first glance, the Rocketbook simply looks like a fairly standard, thin notebook. Open it up, and you realize there is a world of technology waiting inside.

Rocketbooks are more than just your average notebook. They’re fully reusable, either via microwave or water. This means that each time you are ready to reuse your Rocketbook, you can either simply wash it off with water, or put the whole book in the microwave and the ink will disappear. This will save countless pages of paper that would otherwise be lost in a regular notebook. Rocketbooks are waterproof, durable, and write just like paper. The real magic starts with the app.

scanning a rocketbook page with a mobile phonePicture from

The coolest thing about Rocketbooks is how well they keep you organized. Each page is equipped with a QR code, and 7 small icons at the bottom. The app functions as a scanner: it scans the QR code, notes which icon has been marked, scans the entire page, and moves that scan to a predetermined location. Rocketbooks can connect to Google Drive, OneNote, Dropbox, iCloud, and many more locations, which allows the app to organize your notes for you. This means that you can use one notebook for every class! 

choosing the destination of the rocketbook pagePicture from destination markers with a variety of different destinations, including OneDrive and Google DrivePicture from

The Rocketbook Everlast is waterproof, and infinitely reusable. Simply wipe it with a damp rag and the pen marks erase. The only drawback to this is that there is only one type of pen that can be used with this notebook, but there are different colors and sizes for every writer’s needs. There is also a Rocketbook, the Wave, that erases through microwaving it; however, it is only erasable up to five times. The only drawback to the Rocketbook is that it only works with Pilot FriXion pens. It should be noted you do receive a pen with your notebook upon ordering it. You also receive a microfiber cloth for erasing your ink. 

a new rocketbook, cleaning cloth, and pen

Rocketbooks are the future of notetaking. They organize for you, and take perfect scans of your handwritten notes, not to mention their tree-saving reusability. At only about $30, this could easily replace every notebook you could ever buy for a class again.