Brain Facts & Multimedia Tips for your Courses

by Mike Brinkman

Christopher Pappas has two articles on eLearning Industry titled6 Scientifically Proven Brain Facts That eLearning Professionals Should Know and "7 Tips To Choose Multimedia For Your eLearning Course".

Don’t be turned off by the “e” in eLearning. eLearning is not only for online courses, but applies to all courses that use online media of some sort to aid students in their educational pursuits. These tips would be handy for anyone at Albion College who uses Moodle course webs.

One of the big take-aways from both articles is the fact that multimedia videos with audio help to increase student information retention. Instructional Technology and Media Services at Albion College is constantly looking for new tools to help implement eLearning options for your courses.

We will be experimenting during the Summer 2014 semester with Techsmith Relay, which is a wonderful tool for screencasting, delivering both audio and video for students. If you’re interested in participating in a pilot program, please send an e-mail to .