Support for Survivors

If you are experiencing an emergency, or you need help right away, call Campus Safety at 517/629-1234 or Albion Department of Public Safety at 911 or 517/629-3933.

To explore your options before reporting, see the list of confidential resources.



Campus Safety
1003 E. Cass St.

Title IX Coordinator
Keena Williams
Chief Belonging Officer and Title IX Coordinator
Ferguson 216
Title IX at Albion College

Albion Department of Public Safety
112 W. Cass St.
517/629-3933 or 911

Self-Care for Friends and Family

As you provide support for someone, it's also important to pay attention to how the information that you learn impacts you. Some of you may be survivors yourselves or have experienced the assault of someone else close to you. That may trigger unresolved feeling from the past. Many people will feel frustrated that they were unable to protect their student/friend/family member. It's normal to feel angry, depressed, helpless and/or overwhelmed when someone we love is assaulted.

If you find yourself feeling this way, consider getting help. Counseling Services or your local crisis center can be a free and confidential place to talk about your feelings and get referrals to local mental health counselors that have experience working on these issues. Take the time to relax and take care of yourself. This may mean taking walks, talking with friends or trying some relaxation techniques.

Taking care of one's self at a time like this may feel selfish or unnecessary, but it's important to remember that the survivor needs you. If they see you having difficulty, they may feel that they need to take care of you and therefore focus less on their own healing.

More resources available through RAINN.