Faith in Transition

Being a Christian in College

Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2013

United Methodist youth are invited to Albion College for an overnight retreat to experience and inspire Christian living in a college setting. The program will run from noon Saturday to noon Sunday and involve a Bible Study, opportunity to get to know our Christian Living Community students and other Christians on campus, have discussions about Christian living in a college environment, and discover how Albion College students live out their Christian faith.

Youth will stay overnight in the residence halls of some of our Christian student leaders. This is part of the experience of the program.

This program is free, including lodging and all meals and snacks. Youth are not required to bring money to participate. All we ask is that youth/youth groups have their own transportation to/from Albion College.

Registration is on a first-come, first-registered basis, with limited spaces available. Youth must return a completed registration form, signed by her/him as well as a parent/guardian. We encourage early registration, and our final deadline is November 4, 2013.

pdfFaith in Transition 2013 registration form (PDF)

pdfFaith in Transition 2013 flyer (PDF)

For more information on the retreat or registration, you may contact us in one of three ways:

  • Email Andy Leyder, '14, .
  • Email Albion College Chaplain Dan McQuown at .
  • Call the Office of the Chaplain, Albion College (517-629-0492).

Youth groups are welcome, but we need at least an estimate of numbers.

Concurrent Adult Session

Adults are invited to a concurrent session with Deacon Carl Gladstone, ’01. This will include an introduction to current curriculum from the Global Board and covenant conversations about best practices. Rev. Gladstone works with young adult ministries in the North Central Jurisdiction. The cost for materials, lodging in guest housing, and food are covered by Albion College as a service to the United Methodist Church. Adults should complete a registration form. All questions for adult participants should be directed to Chaplain Dan McQuown at or 517-629-0492.