Student Organization - Travel Policy

All organizations planning overnight off-campus trips or trips over 100 miles away are required to provide the following information listed below to the Campus Safety Office before leaving campus:

  1. A detailed travel itinerary.
  2. Travel roster with emergency contacts.

All individual participants must travel with proof of personal health insurance.

At least one person on the trip must have a cell phone available in the event of an emergency. Upon return we ask that you call Campus Safety to let them know you have arrived back to campus safely.

It is recommended that a Albion College faculty or staff member attend trips of this nature.

Note: Non-College sanctioned trips for extra-curricular activities should be planned on weekends instead of class days. Students traveling with groups and organizations that schedule trips while classes are in session are not automatically excused from classes. Each student on a trip may request prior approval from his/her faculty member to be excused from class and to be allowed to make up any missed assignments or work. This approval may or may not be granted.

International Travel

The Student Affairs staff member, office, or student organization advisor must check with the U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory prior to organizing or scheduling student group international travel. If travel is restricted by the State Department, the Student Affairs staff member, office, or student organization advisor must check other appropriate country travel advisories, check "on-the-ground" contacts, and then consult with the Vice President for Student Affairs for approval. Approval is subject to cancellation at a later date if travel is deemed inadvisable.

Albion students traveling outside of the United States are provided with additional insurance at no additional cost. However, student(s) and/or student groups should pick up international insurance information from the Business Office to carry with them during the trip. The Business Office is located on the 2nd Floor of the Ferguson Building.

Download Travel Forms

Any questions regarding travel policies should be directed to the Office of Campus Programs and Organizations at 517/629-0433.