P-250 Scholarship 2021

The P250 President Bernard T. Lomas Endowed Scholarship - logo. The P250 Endowed Scholarship was created to recognize outstanding student contributions in the areas of leadership and service to the College and the Greater Albion Community.


A group of Albion College students came together during the 1971 academic year and collected money to establish an endowed fund to honor former Albion College President Bernard T. Lomas. Those students raised more than $250,000 to create the Bernard T. Lomas Project P250 Endowed Scholarship. The number 250 comes directly from the $250,000 raised in endowment funds.


The purpose of the Project 250 Scholarship is to encourage students to contribute to significant improvements of self, campus, and community. Award recipients will be determined:

  • Based on the applicant’s broad range of activities and without regard to financial need.
  • On the basis of the applicant’s leadership contributions as measured by the quality of the applicant’s involvement with activities and organizations.
  • On the contribution to the applicant’s personal goals in higher education.

Award & Eligibility

The 2021 Scholarship amount will be $10,000 – $12,500 per recipient and 7 scholarships will be awarded.

To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled at Albion College and have obtained Junior class status, defined as completing 14 academic units. Graduating Seniors are not eligible, but Seniors who are returning for an additional semester(s) may apply.

It is anticipated that the Project 250 Endowed Scholarship for 2021-22 will be $10,000-$12,500 per recipient. Because of this scholarship's value, it may impact your financial aid eligibility. If you are receiving other Albion College assistance those funds may be replaced with the P250 Scholarship. We encourage students to apply for the P250 Scholarship to be recognized for their leadership achievements and contributions while understanding that any funds awarded may replace Albion College grant assistance.

Recipients of the Scholarship will have their funds applied to their college account in two installments, half of the money will be applied in the fall semester and the other half applied in the spring semester. You must be a full time student, and enrolled both semesters in order to receive the full funding.


To apply, a candidate must complete the following three items:

  • Online application form (with embedded essay questions) found on this web site.
  • Completed grade and social status release form, turned into the Office of Campus Life located on the 3rd Floor of the Kellogg Center.
  • Two personal recommendations, one of which must be a Albion College Faculty or Staff member, who can provide additional insight to the Selection Committee on your extra-curricular contributions.

Selection Process

A selection committee comprised of faculty and staff members will review applications and determine the recipients of the P250 Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Campus Life Sleight Student Recognition Program.

Recipient Expectations

Recipients of the P250 Scholarship will be asked to write a thank you note to be sent to Alumni that were instrumental in establishing the P250 Endowed Scholarship.