A Blueprint for Belonging: Albion College’s Commitment to Community Connections and Engagement

August 2020

Albion College will embark on a visionary, year-long process to solidify our public commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in our community called Blueprint for Belonging.

This process will call on the views and experiences of students, faculty and staff as well as the Albion community at large, and it’s an opportunity, Albion College President Mathew Johnson said, for the College to reinforce and expand its commitment as a liberal arts institution.

“A liberal arts education, by definition, should liberate minds from ignorance,” Dr. Johnson said. “This process of liberation is enhanced in a community that is committed to educational equity, diversity and unrestricted inquiry. We seek, therefore, to foster an environment of mutual respect, acceptance, appreciation and caring for all members of our community.”

The endeavor will be conducted in stages that will begin with a College-wide draft plan, followed by campus conversations and support through the Blueprint’s task force. The final Blueprint for Belonging recommendations are set to be released publicly in June 2021.

“Taking the full academic year will allow time for us to wrestle with questions about how we must rethink ways that Albion operates so as to create a community to which everyone can feel they belong,” Dr. Johnson said.

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