Stockwell-Mudd Library

Cutler Commons, inside Stockwell Library

The Need

Historically, libraries have been hubs for discovery. They are buildings that invite and encourage quiet individual learning as well as more boisterous group thinking. They are environments that help set the tone for the campus learning community and help provide the heartbeat for liberal arts education.

Albion College, for all that a library can mean to student growth and learning, needs a library that is prepared to respond to today's ever-changing educational landscape.

The Vision

Preserving a building that has been a central landmark on the Albion College quadrangle is important to the history of the campus. More importantly, the Library must blend the new with the old in a way that connects current generations of Britons with learners who have come before them.

Imagine a future for Stockwell-Mudd Library that will accomplish exactly that while creating a space for students that can be adapted to their needs over time. 

Infrastructure upgrades critical to the efficient operation of the building, renovated interior spaces to encourage both group thinking and private study, and robust technological capabilities will ensure that the future of Stockwell-Mudd Library is also rooted in its history.

The Opportunity

A gift to support the revitalization of Stockwell-Mudd Library will help ensure that the history of Albion College lives on for future generations of Britons. It will also ensure that the campus library will remain a vibrant, adaptable space where students will congregate. 

Your gift will contribute to critical infrastructure upgrades and go toward the creation of new, engaging spaces for students' hands-on learning.

Partner With Us

Gifts to support the revitalization of Stockwell-Mudd LIbrary will be permanately recognized on the property. Specific naming opportunities exist for gifts from $5,000 to $250,000.

To learn more, please contact the Development Office at , or call 517/629-0402.

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