Legacy Stories: The Miele Family

The Miele Family
Colleen, '89; Michelle, '14; Joey, '17; and Mark Miele

When making her college decision, Colleen Miele, '89, was concerned about getting lost in the crowd. That's why she chose Albion College to start her healthcare education.

"It turned out to be a great decision," she says. Albion's pre-med program helped prepare her for medical school, and her close relationships with professors made for lasting memories.

When her children were old enough to look at colleges, Colleen encouraged her daughter and son to explore all their college options. But in the end, it was Colleen's passion for smaller colleges and her connection to Albion that helped to sway both of her children.

Subtle Influences

"Many of my close friends today were Albion students, so Michelle and Joey heard about Albion for years," Colleen says.

The first one to attend was Michelle, '14. She had vague recollections of Albion conversations as a kid.

"I remember mom talking about her memories here, but at the time I had no idea what Albion was, so they didn't really mean anything to me," Michelle says. "I really like hearing her stories now because I also have a connection with the school."

What sealed the deal for Michelle was a personal tour of the Science Complex by Dave Seely, professor of physics.

"I figured that if a professor was going to take the time to show a student who hadn't even decided to come here yet, the professors must really care about their students," Michelle says.

Michelle went to a small high school, with teachers who cared about her education, and she chose Albion because she felt a similar spirit.

Albion's Comfortable Campus

Colleen talked with both of her children about attending Albion. Like most legacy parents, she left the final decision up to them. What was the right fit? Where would they be comfortable?

"I did try and have them look at other options because I wanted it to be their decision," she says.

After looking at a bigger school, Joey Miele, '17, made his decision, in part, by visiting his sister at college.

"I stayed with my sister during her first year and had visited numerous other times," Joey says, "so I was familiar with Albion's campus."

For Joey, it was Albion's comfortable campus size and healthcare program that were the deciding factors.

A Stronger Relationship

Initially, Michelle was nervous about her brother attending Albion. She wanted him to make his own friends and develop his own experience. But now, the two have grown closer.

"Michelle is only a walk down the street, so if I ever need something or someone, she is always just a quick walk away," Joey says. "We are also able to hang out more and do more than if I were to attend a different school."

"I'm really happy that Joey chose Albion," Michelle says. "I like getting to see him often and hang out with him again."

And having both children attend Albion has made Colleen a proud parent.

"I now have a new and different prospective of Albion College as a parent," she says. "Having been a student at Albion, it helped put my mind at ease knowing that they will have many opportunities both academically and socially."