Transfer Profile: Ray Robinson, '19

Ray Robinson

What made you choose Albion College?

I chose Albion because I thought It was a beautiful college, both from a campus setting standpoint, as well as academically. I also got to move closer to home.

What was the transfer process like for you?

The transfer process was different from my past experiences in a good way. I didn’t know at first that Albion College existed, even though I lived 20 minutes away in Jackson. I set up a visit to meet with Mandy Dubiel. She made me feel like I was born to be a part of this college, let alone the athletics and education. The reason why It was different was because I never been to a college that felt like home.

What have you found to be the biggest difference at Albion from your previous experience?

The biggest difference at Albion is the community. Everyone accepts who you are and welcomes you with open arms. The campus was love at first sight, like a fall scene from a movie.

What has Albion done for you?

Albion has made me a better man than I was before. Albion pushes me to be great, and to never settle.