Transfer Profile: Megan Harvey, '20

Megan Harvey

What made you choose Albion College?

I chose Albion because at the time I was looking to transfer my brother was a junior at Albion, so my family was familiar with the academic side of things as well as athletics. I saw the success my brother was having at Albion, I thought that it could be a great fit for me as well.

What was the transfer process like for you?

The transfer process was not difficult at all. The staff was completely understanding of all of the stress I was feeling, so they made the effort to make every bit of the process go smoothly. I especially was thankful for the swim team because the coaches did their best to help with any paperwork, forms, etc. to help reduce any stress and all of my teammates went above and beyond to help me feel welcome on the team.

What have you found to be the biggest difference at Albion from your previous experience?

The biggest difference between Albion and my previous school is the sense of closeness and pride that we have at Albion. Being an Albion Briton is something that we are all very proud of and the fact that we all value that and form together to be something greater is such a special feeling.

What has Albion done for you?

Albion has given me the opportunity to not only further my education, but to connect with others and make lifelong friendships and memories.