Profile: Todd Krost, ’00

Todd Krost, '00, with his family

For Todd Krost, ’00, the Alumni/Parent Referral Program recently launched by Albion College’s Office of Admission was an ideal way to make connections—not just between prospective students and his alma mater, but between him and his new community of Neoga, Illinois, about an hour south of Champaign.

“I had only been in town a month when I received the mailing, and this ties me to students and their college journey,” said Krost, a pastor at Neoga Grace United Methodist Church and nearby Etna United Methodist Church. “It gives me a personal connection with the families and their college search in general. I am glad I can start this conversation.”

Krost, his wife, Christina Corace Krost, ’02, and their family live in rural Illinois, "and there is little awareness of the existence—let alone the advantages—of small liberal arts colleges like Albion,” he said. “Rather than sending their children to the ‘default university’ several miles down the road, these families will now give Albion some consideration. And it makes it less intimidating for them to look at a college two states away, knowing that my wife and I are alums, and that there is this scholarship opportunity.”

For more information about the Alumni/Parent Referral Program, visit or call the Office of Admission at 800/858-6770.