Profile: Robinson Regen

Robinson Regen

When flying from Nashville, Tennessee to Detroit for their son’s first visit to Albion College, Robinson Regen and her family thought that they would make a trip to the Midwest and never come back. What they didn’t know was how much they would fall in love with the campus and the impressive Held Equestrian Center, not to mention the “adorable black squirrels” that run across the lawn.

They had one requirement for their son, Jackson, when it came to furthering his education, and that was that the college he selected had to be based on the liberal arts. He chose to come to Albion, and Robinson has been making referrals ever since.

Robinson knows firsthand how important a word-of-mouth referral to Albion College can be. It all started in the summer of 2008, when Jesha Marcy-Quay, ’11, came to Nashville to be a student worker mentoring under their horse trainer.

“Jesha is an impressive young lady who became one of Jackson’s ‘adopted big sisters.’ She is the person responsible for putting Albion College on Jackson’s radar,” Robinson said.

Jackson knew that he wanted to go somewhere different from all of his friends, and there had to be an equestrian facility nearby so that his horse could make the journey into adulthood with him.

Robinson said she’s not only impressed by the fact that the Albion Hunt Seat team is competing against strong Division I schools, but that, “from a parent’s point of view, the best part of the program is that it’s open to the entire student body, from first-time riders to those that have ridden for years.”

Combining her love for Albion College and her passion for horses, for the past two years Robinson has personally called all of the out-of-state prospective students who have expressed an interest in the equestrian program. “The referral program is like a magic ice-breaker for parents who are unsure of how to help guide their students,” Robinson said. “It makes it easier to share the intrinsic value of a liberal arts education.” Robinson personally challenges alumni and parents to refer at least one prospective student within the next year.

“In today’s society, critical thinking, logic, and understanding the interconnectivity of the world around us is vital,” she said. “A liberal arts education will do this, but you have to take it one step further and go to a school that truly cares about its students and values its alumni. Albion continues to prove that it really does. The education the college has to offer is as unique as you are.”

For more information, visit the Referral Program page or call the Admission Office at 800-858-6770.