International Student Services

Where you'll find support for… everything.

International students often choose Albion College because they know they'll have the support they need on campus.

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education (CIE) and Off-Campus Study is the global heartbeat of campus. CIE organizes International Student Orientation, hosts programs for international students throughout the year, and provides support for students on non-immigrant visas. CIE also helps any student who wishes to study abroad with the preparation and their return to campus.

International Orientation

Living and studying far from home can be challenging. You may need help becoming comfortable with our customs, lifestyles, academic practices, and even our food. We've created an international orientation program to help you in the transition.

At international orientation, you'll get to know our campus, the city of Albion, and each other. We will help ease your transition and introduce you to the many ways you can get involved on campus. We provide help with things like bank accounts, mobile phones, and shopping trips.

Degree-seeking international students will also participate in Albion-O, an exciting program that introduces all new students to Albion College.The Office of the Registrar will prepare a preliminary class schedule for you once you complete the online academic forms in your Briton Bound account. At Albion-O you can meet with academic staff to discuss changes.

Advising and Counseling

Every Albion student has at least four advisors: student and faculty first-year mentors, an academic advisor, and a residence hall assistant. Further, our Counseling Services office provides all students with confidential mental health counseling andreferrals to community mental health agencies.

The Center for International Education provides support for immigration questions, your adjustment to the US, and anything else you want to ask about.

Health Care

Health insurance enrollment is required for international students. Albion College's Student Health Services clinic provides every Albion student complete outpatient health care with referrals to specialists as needed. Emergency services and full laboratory testing and X-rays are available in cooperation with Oaklawn Hospital.

Employment Opportunities

Campus employment is available to help you meet expenses. The Career and Internship Center lists on-campus jobs available to all students as well as internship and career opportunities. If you are on an F-1 student visa, you must coordinate any internships and off-campus employment with the director of the Center for International Education and other Albion staff and faculty. Off-campus employment is restricted for students in F-1 status.


Our students go everywhere—and most of them rely on our College transportation. Campus Safety takes students to and from medical appointments or classes if injured. The college also arranges shuttles to the movie theater, shopping malls, grocery, and department stores several times a month. During scheduled holidays, a shuttle service is available to and from Michigan airports for a minimal fee.

Religious and Multicultural Diversity

At Albion, we value all faiths and individual spiritual development. The Office of the Chaplain supports programs that promote innovative thought on ethics, religion, and social responsibility. And the Office of Intercultural Affairs supports underrepresented students by promoting awareness of multicultural issues among all students, staff, and faculty.

The food is so good that you'll have a hard time trying not to gain weight. Roohia, Pakistan, Sociology, 2018

It's definitely a safe community to study in. The city of Albion isn't a major metropolitan city, so students can focus on their studies and activities. The crime rates are very low too, compared to big cities, so anywhere you go on campus it's a safe place. Duuluu, Mongolia, Biochemistry, 2019

Actually living with students from different backgrounds made me learn lot about their cultures and how to interact with people. The first-year residence hall helped me make lot of new friends who were coming from various places and were also looking for new friends, which was perfect. Duuluu, Mongolia, Biochemistry, 2019

Albion has opened my mind to things that I would not have learned otherwise; from the city of Albion to the homemade solar panels in Israel and everything in between. With every class and extracurricular activity that I do, I find myself expanding my horizons. Roohia, Pakistan, Sociology, 2018