Department and Campus Scholarships

An Albion College student plays the cello during a concert.The College provides a number of opportunities to recognize students for their unique talents and abilities.

The following scholarships are offered to entering and continuing students and are renewable.

Bernard T. Lomas Scholarship

  • Available to a student intending to major in communication studies. Based on the applicant's academic record and speech-related activities.
  • Contact the Communication Studies Department at 517/629-0325 or e-mail Karen Erlandson, department chair.

Fine Arts Scholarships

  • Based on demonstrated talent, and without regard to academic major, to students planning to participate in art, music, or theatre.
  • Contact the departments listed below for an audition and/or interview.
    Art: 517/629-0249 or e-mail
    Music: 517/629-0481 or e-mail
    Theatre: 517/629-0345 or e-mail

David Randall Chemistry Scholarship

  • Available to students who plan to, or are, majoring in chemistry.  Based upon an applicant's academic record and student intent to pursue an advanced degree in chemistry or related science. 
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA to renew the scholarship.
  • Contact the Chemistry Department at 517/629-0276 for further information.

Kalamazoo Promise - Our Promise

  • Available to students who have the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship.
  • Students should complete a FAFSA by February 15th each year.
  • Students may have up to 100% of their financial need met to cover tuition, fees, housing and food costs depending upon the value of their Promise scholarship.
  • Financial need may be met through the Promise Scholarship along with college, state and federal grants/scholarships as well as campus employment.

Methodist Student Aid Programs

United Methodist Clergy Award

  • Available to children of ordained United Methodist clergy who are on an active assignment with a United Methodist Conference.
  • Automatic consideration for the award based on information provided on the admission application.

United Methodist Student Scholarship

  • Awarded to select students who are active members of their local United Methodist Church.
  • Complete the Application and Certification of Church Membership form for consideration.
  • Funding is provided by the national office of the United Methodist Church.

John Wesley Matching Scholarship

  • Albion College will match a scholarship that a student receives from his/her local United Methodist Church up to $1,000.
  • Complete the John Wesley Scholarship Application for consideration.

Triple Your Dollars for Scholars

  • Albion College participates in the "Triple Your Dollars for Scholars" program through the United Methodist Foundation. Visit the foundation's Web site for details about this scholarship program.