Together Safely in the Fall, Fall Orientation, Mailings & Packages, and Alumni Association Welcome


First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Parent and family: Together Safely in the Fall Website

This past week the College released a new website called Together Safely in the Fall. This site features a collection of information and resources detailing the approach the College will take to have students return to campus safely this fall. Important posts describing the process of moving back to campus and residential expectations can be found under Student Life, and information about classes and the learning experience are under the heading of Academics. Health and Wellness information is also posted on the site along with the Comprehensive Public Initiative, and continuing Admission information.

The website will be continually updated as new information is finalized and released. You can easily access the Together Safely in the Fall webpages by using the blue banner located on the top of the Albion College Homepage. Most recent posts include Covid-19 Testing and Student Move-In Information.

First-Year Students: First Year Student Fall Orientation (Albion-O)

Albion-O is the final component of the Summer Orientation program. Once first year students get moved in and settled into their fall semester rooms, the Albion-O program will offer programming on community expectations, specifically regarding Covid related content. Additional educational programming will include workshop topics to prepare students to become successful both inside and outside the classroom. Simply put, Albion-O will equip first year students to adapt and succeed at Albion College by establishing expectations for living and learning in a safe environment.

Content will be delivered utilizing small and large group settings in a safe, physically distant manner, as well as using virtual platforms to allow access for all students. This will allow students to feel both comfortable and connected, while receiving the information necessary to begin their Albion career. Our traditional Matriculation Ceremony will officially induct students into our academy of scholars and other social activities are designed to help first year students to begin making new friends.

The Albion-O Program will begin with access to student support services provided on August 12-14 with the official Kick-Off starting late in the day on August 14. Albion-O will continue until the first day of classes on Monday, August 24. Meal plans for first year students will begin with their arrival on campus and students will be able to access those plans during the quarantine period. Students may however, want to plan ahead and bring snacks along on move-in day to have on hand in their rooms during their 3-day quarantine period.

Details of the Orientation program are being finalized. An overview of the Albion-O schedule will be shared in the August 5 edition of the Summer Orientation newsletter. The finalized detailed schedule will be shared with students upon arrival to campus during the move-in period. Questions regarding the Albion-O Orientation program may be sent to .

To minimize the risk of exposure, those individuals helping new students move in will be asked to depart campus after the move-in process is complete. As a result, we will not be able to offer an onsite orientation program component for parents and families. Albion College values the commitment that families make in order for students to be able to attend Albion College. We regret that we are not able to offer our traditional parent and family component, however, we will continue to send out important information to parents and families through the weekly Summer Orientation Newsletter through August 19. Will will also be sharing our Matriculation Ceremony virtually so no matter where you are, you will be able to share in that experience with your student.

Transfer Students: Transfer Student Fall Orientation (Albion-O)

Transfer Students will follow the move-in schedule for the residential unit to which they have been assigned. That means transfer students may arrive on campus after the New Student Orientation programming has started. A finalized schedule for the Transfer Student Orientation will be sent to you on August 12. We realize that you may have conflicts that prevent you from participating in sessions in real time so we will record our featured sessions. Those recorded sessions will be made available so that you can access them when you have time available.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Important Reminder

Don't forget to complete the EverFi student training! All new students are required to complete the Sexual Assault Prevention and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Modules before they come to campus. These modules will serve as an introduction to Albion College's values and resources on these important topics. You should have received an invitation email sent to your Albion College email address. If you have not received that email, please contact .

Parent and family: Hello from Home

Students love to get mail, cards, small treat packages, or a delivery from one of our local businesses in the Albion Community. With our new Covid “normal” this physical gesture is more important than ever so your student will feel connected to the special folks in their life. The Campus Post office located in the Kellogg Center accepts all deliveries big and small. Your student will be notified they have a package and they can pick it up Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm at the Post Office. You should encourage your students to check their mailbox daily, they will not be notified of regular mail they may have such as a letter or postcard from home. Students will have the same mailing address for their entire time at Albion College.

Letters were recently mailed to the student's home address containing the mailbox number they have been assigned. If you have not received yours it should arrive soon. If you don't receive it within the week, please feel free to email , and we will make sure you get that information. All mail should be clearly addressed as follows, this includes on-line orders as well:

Student’s Name
Albion College
KC Box # (Insert students 4 digit box number here)
Albion, MI 49224

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Flu Shot Update

Flu shots will not be manufactured and attainable prior to the start of the fall semester. However, they will still be mandatory for Albion College students and will be administered on campus when the vaccines become available. Students will be notified on the details and process by which flu shots will be administered when the campus has received its allotment of vaccines.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Welcome from the Albion College Alumni Association

On behalf of our network of alumni, welcome to the Albion College Briton community! We are thrilled to see the ways that you will shine in the coming years! As you enter college, you are also becoming a Briton for life and joining a network of fellow Britons with experience and connections that can help you discover and reach your dreams.

The Alumni Board serves as a liaison between the College and our alumni network, and they put together a video to welcome you to AC.

The members of the Alumni Board, as well as our greater alumni network, are eager to connect and support you! Stay tuned for opportunities to engage with alumni virtually and in meaningful ways this year. For more information about ways you can connect with alumni in small groups or 1:1, contact the office of Institutional Advancement at .

We are delighted to welcome you! GO BRITS!