Meet President Johnson, Explore the Division of Student Development, and Important Reminders

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First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Q & A with Dr. J

Dr. Mathew B. Johnson, a recognized global leader in the field of community-engaged scholarship, was appointed the 17th president of Albion College earlier this year by the Board of Trustees. His presidency officially began Wednesday, July 1, 2020. New students are invited to join Summer Orientation Directors, Tracey Howard and Jennifer Yawson, next Wednesday, July 22 at 7pm EST for a Live Zoom Q & A with President Johnson. This is an opportunity for new students to meet and get to know your institution’s President and an opportunity for him to get to know you. Some prepared questions will be asked and then the chat will be open for any questions you may have.

First-Year Students: Important Reminder - First Year Seminar Registration

Fall class schedules cannot be constructed for first year students until you have made your First Year Seminar Registration in your Briton Bound Account. And in order to fill out your First Year Seminar course preference you must have completed all of your assessments. If you have not completed those tasks, those tasks need to be a priority in the next few days. You must complete the First Year Seminar Registration no later than July 20. If you do not complete these items by July 20, class availability and options will be limited.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Important Reminder - Send us Your Campus ID Photo

Getting your ID card made over the summer will save you time and make your campus check-in process much smoother. Earlier in the summer we asked you to send us a photo to make your ID card. If you did submit a photo and met the July 1 deadline, thank you. However, a large majority of new students (first year and transfer students) did not submit a picture. For those of you who missed the original deadline, we are asking that you send us a picture as soon as possible to so that we can have your completed card printed, programmed and ready for you when you arrive. This small step will make checking in significantly quicker and simpler when you arrive on campus.

To participate, simply email a JPEG format of your high school picture, passport photo, or any reasonable head shot that we can crop and use for your student ID picture. If you are unable to make the photo a jpeg, any other version will be fine. Please email your name, student ID# (located in Your Albion College Information System (ACIS) Login email), and your picture as soon as possible, but no later than July 31.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Explore The Division of Student Development

Student Development

As a residential college, Albion is concerned with the growth and development of the whole person in a number of interrelated realms: intellectual, personal, social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and vocational. Under the direction of the Vice President for Student Development, the offices within the Student Development Division of the College provide programs and services that support the academic mission of the College and that encourage and enhance a full educational experience for each individual.

These offices and programs, each of which is headed by a professional staff member, include Residential Life, Campus Programs and Organizations including the Kellogg Center, College Chaplaincy, Counseling Services, Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center, Intercultural Affairs, and Campus Safety. A primary goal of the Student Development Division is to encourage students to foster a greater sense of responsibility: responsibility for their own education, responsibility for their own decision-making, responsibility for formulating defensible positions on important issues—indeed responsibility for determining their own identity and life’s direction. The Student Development Office is located on the second floor of the Ferguson Building, Suite 216. 517/629-0226,

Residential Life

As a four-year residential college, Albion values the development of a strong campus community. Students are required to live in campus-owned facilities throughout their four years of enrollment. Sharing common living spaces with other students challenges each resident to develop skills such as communication and assertiveness. To enhance the more formal classroom learning, Residential Life provides learning opportunities through a variety of housing options for students as they progress through their four years as students. Upper-class students serve as Resident Assistants (RAs) and live on the floors to support students and serve as a resource and mentor. Full-time, professional staff serve as Area Coordinators (AC’s) also live in the residence halls. For more information about Residential Life, check out our Five W’s (Who, What, Where, When, Why) and meet the current staff. Residential Life office is located on the first floor of Ferguson Hall, Suite 124, 517/629-0224,

Campus Programs and Organizations

The Office of Campus Programs and Organizations (CPO) is the hub of student activity on campus. CPO advises student clubs and organizations in such areas as programming/events, student government, Fraternity and Sorority Life, diversity awareness, community service, leadership, and sports and recreation. In addition to advising, Campus Programs and Organizations sponsors many campus-wide programs. Briton Bash, Albion College’s student organization fair, is a program held each fall that introduces students to involvement opportunities within clubs and organizations. Campus Programs and Organizations is located on the third floor of the Kellogg Center. 517/629-0433,

College Chaplaincy

The office of the Chaplain provides leadership for spiritual life on campus, and actively fosters spiritual growth. “Spirituality” is understood in broad terms as a basic characteristic of every human, and therefore, the office is here to serve the entire campus, including students who are non-Christian and non-religious. Christian life is focused on encouragement and building unity through many fellowship opportunities. Our Chaplain, the Rev. Donald Phillips, also known as “Rev”, organizes weekly gatherings for teaching, encouragement and special holiday observances during the academic school year to foster spiritual care for the students, faculty and staff. Student groups, including Albion College Chapel, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and Catholic Connections are just a few of the options available on campus for our students. With over 30 places of worship in the community of Albion, students have a variety of churches and groups to explore. In one-on-one meetings, the chaplain is able to provide confidential pastoral care and spiritual direction. As an institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Albion College celebrates diversity of spirituality in various forms. The Office of the Chaplain is located in the Journey House, 1000 E. Porter Street, 517/629-0492,

Counseling Services

College can be a challenge for students as you learn to manage the demands and rigors of college life. Counseling services are staffed by licensed psychologists who have a wide experience helping students navigate these stresses and work toward a successful college career.

Our services include: intake and assessment, individual psychotherapy, group therapy and psychoeducational groups focused on learning specific skills to manage commonly experienced emotional challenges like anxiety and depression. We have certified substance abuse clinicians to consult with students if substance use is problematic. We provide psychological testing to assess learning difficulties and conditions like ADHD and consult regularly with our Learning Support Center. We have a psychiatric consultant provided by Oaklawn Medical Group who meets with students to assess the need for medication or to maintain their medication regimen when on campus.

We do not charge for treatment and we do not set a limit on the number of sessions that are available to a student. However, meetings with our psychiatric provider are billed by Oaklawn Medical Group and students will receive a statement delineating their responsibilities for deductible and copayments.

Our office is open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday and we have a counselor on call after hours and on the weekends. To access the counselor-on-call contact Campus Safety at 517/629-1234, and ask to speak with the counselor. However, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved to a virtual telemental health system of service. We are currently working on contingency plans for the coming year and at the present time, we will continue to offer telemental health appointments for our students. The Office of Counseling Services is located at 616 E. Michigan Ave. 517/629-0236,

Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center

The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center is an inclusive and collaborative space for students, staff, and faculty to create a dialogue regarding women and gender equity. The Center is named for Anna Howard Shaw, a suffragette, physician, and Methodist minister, who attended Albion College from 1873-1875. The Center coordinates activities to support and bring awareness to topics relating to women and gender equity and empowerment, most notably the Anna Howard Shaw Women’s History Month Program. Other educational programs are co-sponsored with various student organizations and campus departments. The Women's Center is currently staffed by Kaydee Hall, the Project Coordinator for the Office on Violence Against Women Campus Grant, which the College received in the fall of 2019. The Project Coordinator facilitates major grant initiatives, including organizing a Coordinated Community Response Team, composed of on-and-off-campus partners, to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence on campus, including dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The Women's Center will use grant funds to hire a Victim Advocate beginning in the Spring of 2021 to support survivors of interpersonal violence. The Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center is located in Robinson Hall, Suite 300.

Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is a safe and welcoming place on campus for all students. The office works closely with the College community to foster an environment that is conducive to an appreciation for diversity and constructive intercultural interactions. The office directs a number of educational and retention initiatives, including the Smooth Transitions mentoring program, cultural heritage months, leadership development for campus diversity groups, and partnerships with majority students who seek to advance diversity efforts. The Office of Intercultural Affairs is located in the Journey House, 1000 E. Porter Street, 517/629-0501,

Campus Safety

The primary responsibility of this office is to promote the safety of all persons and their property while on the College campus. Students are encouraged to use the crime prevention services offered. The Department of Campus Safety is located at 1003 E. Cass Street, 517/629-0213,