FYS Course Selection, New College Bill Timeline, Community Education and Briton Spirit Guide


First-Year Students: First Year Seminar Course Selection

First year students, it's time! Time for you to select your first year seminar and class pairing for Module A of the fall semester. Multiple First Year Seminars have been developed on a wide array of topics. These seminar classes have been paired with another complimentary academic course and together will form a learning community. Your learning community will operate by having the same group of students experience both of those classes together during Module A of the fall semester.

In order to select your First Year Seminar course pairing, please review the list of available seminars and accompanying offerings in our First Year Seminar brochure. Once you find four options that interest you, please sign into your Briton Bound Account to fill out your First Year Seminar course preferences (your assessments have to be completed for the FYS registration to show up). You must select four options. If you do not you will be contacted and asked to redo the process until you do. To help academic advisors get started developing fall schedules, we are asking that you complete your First Year Seminar course selection as soon as possible. You must complete the First Year Seminar selection no later than July 20. If you fail to meet the July 20 deadline, class availability and options will be limited.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Parents and Family: New Timeline for College Bills

Recently, communication was released via the Summer Orientation: Countdown to College communication that indicated College billing statements would be available for the fall semester in mid-July. Due to the uncertainty of the current climate and the adjustments to the academic calendar impacting the delivery of classes for the upcoming semester, fall billing will be released in early August with a payment due date of August 31. Each student must be enrolled in a payment plan or paid in full by the August 31 due date. If you have any questions please contact the accounting office at . We can also be reached at 517/629-0507 from 8 A.M. through 12 P.M. with an anticipated date of returning to full office hours July 13, 2020. Summer office hours are 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday through Thursday and 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. on Friday.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Community Education/College Expectations

Albion College is committed to creating a positive, safe environment for all of our community members. There are two areas that are so important to maintaining a safe campus, that every new student will be required to complete a training module on each of the following areas before arriving on campus:

  • Interpersonal Violence
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In the Interpersonal Violence training module, you’ll learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships; the nature of interpersonal violence like sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking; and you’ll be introduced to confidential resources and reporting options on campus. We understand some students may have been impacted by interpersonal violence, and that may make it difficult to complete this course. If you find yourself in that situation, you can contact Kaydee Hall () in the Anna Howard Shaw Women’s Center for more details on alternative options for completing this training.

In the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion course, you’ll learn how to engage with people from identities and backgrounds different from your own, where to find resources on campus, and you’ll begin to understand why the College values and celebrates diversity, and why we work to educate our community about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We believe that each and every student has a responsibility to understand and live out our values in these areas, and we’ve partnered with a company called EVERFI to provide this training. You should receive an email invitation from EVERFI this week. Follow the link in that email, and complete both courses no later than Friday, August 7, 2020. If you need help accessing your Albion College email account, contact the Helpdesk at or 517/629-0479.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Briton Spirit Guide

Becoming an Albion College Student means that you also become a Briton. What is a Briton, what does being a Briton mean and what are the secrets that you need to know to become an Albion College Briton? Here is some insider information to help you transition to becoming an Albion College Briton.

  • The Briton Nickname. Albion is an alternative name for the island of Great Britain. Britons, by origin, were the Celtic inhabitants of Great Britain. For more history lessons check out this article from the Albion College newspaper called The Pleiad and our History page on the website.
  • Brit the Briton Mascot. Brit the Briton was introduced to Albion College in the fall of 2011. It was Albion College’s first physical representation of the Briton nickname. Clad in his combat armour, Brit the Briton makes many campus appearances such as sporting contests, homecoming, alumni/reunion celebrations and other campus events. Check out this video of Brit showing you what a typical day is like for an Albion College student.
  • The Io Triumphe Cheer. The IO, pronounced “YO,” is the Albion College Cheer. It is often heard at sporting events or other celebratory occasions. The Io is also popular for Albion College Alumni to recite together when they meet. Since the Io is famous for being nonsensical, click here to see both the normal cheer and the phonetically written cheer. You can also checkout this video.
  • Albion, Dear Albion, the College Hymn (alma mater) Albion, Dear Albion is Albion College’s Hymn. Similar to other schools’ alma mater songs, the College Hymn is sung in praise of the institution during official programs. Listen here.
  • Fyte Onne, the Albion College Fight Song Fyte Onne is the Albion College Fight Song. This song is traditionally performed by the British Eighth Marching band and spectators at Albion College sporting events.
  • Albionisms. Every campus has its own lingo and language. To help you prepare to become a Briton, check out our Albionisms webpage or booklet.