Fall Calendar, What to Bring, and Academic Skills Center

Dr. Jess Roberts, professor of English, pedals on the Albion College Quad.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

President-Elect Dr. Mathew Johnson announced our new academic calendar for Fall 2020 in an email sent on Friday, June 12. For your reference, the same announcement is available on our Albion College Website.

With such a big announcement naturally there are follow up questions and desire for additional details. Faculty, staff and administration at the college are working very hard to prepare for the Fall semester. The Summer Orientation Program will monitor closely the plans for opening in the fall and we will pass along additional information as it becomes available throughout the summer to provide detail and answer some of those lingering questions.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: parent family button Residential Life On Campus

What To Bring, Leave Behind and Decoration Tips

Coming to college and moving away from home can be both exciting and daunting. The Office of Residential Life wants to help you plan for your move and create your home away from home at Albion. One of the biggest issues we know incoming students face is packing and knowing what to bring. It is all about deciding which items are important to your successful living, leaving things at home that are not permitted, and how to decorate your living space to make it feel like home. Check out our Residence Life Pro Tips here.

Tips Renter’s Insurance Information

Moving into your residence hall room is exciting! It’s a chance to have your own space filled with things that make Albion College feel like home. One thing to remember as you prepare to arrive on campus, it is important to protect the items you bring. Please know that the items in your room are not covered by the college’s insurance policy if damaged or missing because of a flood, fire, or theft. Some homeowners insurance policies will cover these situations, but not all. Check with your current insurance carrier and see if your residence hall room belongings are covered under your homeowners policy. If that is not an option for you or you are not eligible, we recommend that all students acquire renters insurance to protect your personal belongings in your Residence Hall Room. Check out NSSI (National Student Services Inc.) for renters insurance. Many our students have used this company.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: parent family buttonAcademic Skills Center

Elevate Your Learning at the Academic Skills Center (ASC). Here are some great facts about the Academic Skills Center and how it can be a resource for you. For more information about our FREE services check out our website.

  • Over 700 Albion students visit us each year
  • Students benefit at every level of learning—go from B to A, from C to B, etc.
  • Math, science, and writing tutors offer peer-to-peer assistance to students
  • Students and tutors work together in groups or one-to-one
  • Individual sessions with ASC staff members help students develop new strategies for college learning

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: parent family button The Philadelphia Center


Students, would you like to spend a semester or a summer in the 5th largest city in the country, live independently, take classes, and work a full time internship in your major, all for credit? It is possible, but it takes a little planning.

The Philadelphia Center (TPC) is an off-campus study opportunity for Juniors and Seniors, but it is never too early to start planning for it! At TPC, students experience what it is like to move to, live in, and work in a new city, all for a semester's worth of credit. Students live in independent housing, take rigorous seminar-style classes, and intern at one of our 800 placement options, in any major and professional field. You will explore career options for your future, gain skills that will serve you a lifetime, and experience the metropolitan culture of the vibrant, historic, diverse city of Brotherly Love. And because TPC is an Albion run program, there are no added fees for participation! Students who attend TPC leave the experience with a strong sense of their skills and interests, and a plan for their life after college. For more information and details on the program, visit our website or email our recruiter, Morgan at .

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Financial Aid Support

As you continue to make plans to become a Briton you may have some questions about your financial package. Every package is a bit different, there isn’t one answer. If you have questions, please contact us at 517/629-0440 or email . As you navigate this process please reach out for help, we are here for you!

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: parent family buttonAdvice From Upperclass Students

Becoming a Brit is going to be a fantastic journey for you! You will make new friends and learn new and different ways of thinking through and conquering the adventures ahead of you. Although everyone’s journey will be different, you all have one thing in common, you are all Brits now! Take a listen to what some of our upperclass students shared with us about what they wish they would have known before starting at Albion.