Centers and Institutes, Tuition Bill Information and Classroom Mythbusters

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That's the genius behind Albion's Centers and Institutes. Regardless of your academic and career interests, these programs add value through specialized academic offerings and opportunities. Put your learning to work through internships, research and other pre-professional experiences. Give yourself a distinct advantage when applying to graduate or professional school. Or landing your first job after graduation.

Our Centers and Institutes...

    • Enhance your academic major
    • Build self-confidence and leadership skills
    • Develop your problem-solving and communication skills valued by employers
    • Create a community of students who share your interests and aspirations
    • Connect you with alumni for networking and career relationships
  • Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business is for those students who are interested in business or consider themselves business minded. The Carl Gerstacker Institute for Business welcomes students from all majors who are interested in giving themselves a competitive advantage in the business world. Led by staff and faculty, it provides opportunities for students to explore business, expand their professional network, immerse themselves in practical experiences, and hone their soft skills. Learn more by watching our video introduction and signing up for a virtual information session! Contact Brittany at with any questions.
  • Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Service is designed to give highly motivated students from any major an accelerated path to making a positive impact in their community. Through high-quality, first hand experiences, including incredible internships tailored to each student’s individual goals, and drawing on an outstanding alumni network, students will learn how to be a voice for positive change in their areas of interest. To learn more, check out our video introduction or email Ford Director Patrick McLean at .
  • Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine supports students interested in a career in healthcare. Whether you want to pursue physical therapy, nursing, dentistry, medicine, or a field in between, the Wilson Medical Institute welcomes all students interested in healthcare as well as undecided students who want to explore if a career in healthcare is the right fit for them. More information and an application can be found in this Wilson Medical Institute video, on our website, or by contacting Maggie at . We look forward to meeting the incoming class of Wilson Brits!
  • Center for Sustainability and the Environment prepares students to initiate real movement toward change. Hands on experiences with environmental and sustainability issues are the best learning opportunities. To learn more about the Center for Sustainability and the Environment, please see our video welcome, our informational handout and our website. If you have additional questions, please contact Doug White, .
  • Fritz Shurmur Center for Teacher Education does more than just prepare students for teacher certification. We provide our future teachers with the practical skills they need in the classroom, while also giving them thorough understanding of the broader issue impacting education in today’s society. To learn more about us, please check out our official welcome handout containing details regarding upcoming virtual meetings that will allow you to connect with us in real time. Additional information is available on the Shurmur Center and Education Department websites. We have also included a few flyers from past projects that highlight involvement opportunities for prospective teachers. If you have questions, please contact Karen Hoaglin at or Kyle Shanton at .
  • Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program is for highly engaged students who like a challenge, are creative thinkers, work hard, and who want to gain the tools to transform their profession. You can combine Honors with every major and membership in every Institute or Program. Learn more about the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program by viewing our welcome video. Visit our website to gain additional insight about our imaginative courses and the pioneering ways that students are using research to solve problems. Membership in Honors requires a separate application. Wondering if Honors is for you? Contact Renee Kreger, to learn about the variety of ways that Honors measures student success. If you think Honors is right for you, we want to welcome you into our community.

Career and Internship Center

The Albion College Career and Internship Center is committed to assisting students and alumni as you plan for and move into your future. Our staff is dedicated to helping you through the maze of information available, no matter which career path you choose. As a key component of Albion College, we work closely with all academic disciplines as well as the College's institutes and centers to help you prepare for your next step. Our introductory video and office FAQ sheet provide additional details about the Career and Internship Center.

Ludington Center

The Ludington Center, located in the heart of downtown Albion, is named in honor of Jack and Dorothy Ludington, both of whom were 1951 graduates of Albion College.The Center aims to serve as both a College and Community space, while also acting as the home to the Albion College Institutes: The Carl A. Gerstacker Institute for Business and Management, the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Public Service, the Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine, and the Career and Internship Center. View our Ludington Center welcome video.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Disability Accommodations and Services Pre-Registration

First year students and transfer students interested in obtaining accommodations for a disability or who have issues with accessibility can begin the process of registering with the Learning Support Center for disability services. We encourage students to begin the process by completing the Pre-registration form by logging into your Briton Bound account. By introducing yourself and providing information on the assistance you may need, Learning Support Center staff can begin to develop a plan with you for a smooth and successful adjustment to the college experience. We encourage students to start the process early and to provide documentation for early review. The earlier, the better; the deadline for submissions is August 1.

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: parent family buttonAccounting Office Tuition Bill and Payment Support

The Accounting Office provides support to help you navigate the many decisions and processes necessary to meet your financial obligations. Please explore these supporting resources:

First-Year Students: Transfer Students: Myth Busters about College Academics

Not all of these may ring true for you, but believe it or not these 13 myths about college academics are lurking in the minds of first year students. We know these falsehoods can detract from the excitement of getting ready for college and keep students from exciting opportunities. So, we're busting these myths right now and squashing the rumors so you can sleep soundly knowing the truth about college academics at Albion College.


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