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May 11, 2020 | by Travis Tekiele and Jacki Dotts

Countdown to College

Hey incoming class of 2024! It’s hard to believe that we are just a few months away from Move-In Day and that beginning of your college career! To help you prepare for college, we’re going to be uploading periodic “Countdown to College” posts like this one to give you some insight on how to make sure you’re as ready as possible for the semester to begin!

Before we tell you anything more about how to prepare for college, we’d first like to congratulate you for making it to this point. For finishing high school, for deciding that you want to go to college, and ultimately deciding to attend Albion. Your senior year has been unlike any other in history, and it’s no small feat that you were able to keep your eyes on your future in the midst of unprecedented circumstances, and for that we congratulate you.

At some point during your high school career, you decided that you’d like to continue your education, whether it be in pursuit of more knowledge, money, a bigger impact on the world, or a combination of all of the above. You had many options of where you could attend college, and we’re honored that you chose Albion as the place where you’ll pursue your goals and dreams.

The idea of moving into college in just three short months may sound crazy right now as you sit quarantined in your house, but that’s exactly what is going to happen. This August, you’ll be making Albion your new home. Whether three months seems like a short time or a long time to you, we promise it will be here before you know it.

As you sit and wait for those three months to pass, we have some items for you to complete in order to be prepared to enter college this fall. If you check in your Briton Bound account, you’ll see a tab called “Next Steps,” which shows you a list of items that need to be completed. More items will be added throughout the summer, including forms to be filled out to be paired with a roommate, a form for health information, a form to tell us which classes you’d like to take, and more.

Currently, the items included on this list are your assessments and housing form. We use your results from these assessments to determine which classes are best for you to take as you begin your career at Albion. You will need to complete all three assessments (math, language, and writing) regardless of your academic history or your future academic plans. The sooner you can complete these assessments, the sooner we will be able to prepare a schedule for your first semester at Albion.

Meanwhile, your housing form will help our Residential Life Office pair you with the perfect first-year roommate. It’s important that you complete this form as honestly as possible so that we can find you a roommate with similar likes, dislikes, hobbies, and habits.

Be sure to check back in your Briton Bound account often throughout the next few months as we add new items for you to complete.

As always, contact your admission counselor with any questions!

Have fun and stay safe! Go Brits!


Authors: Jacki Dotts and Travis Tekiele. Alums of Albion College and Assistant Directors of Admission.