Summer Research Projects, Summer 2020

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Social Media Use and Identity Formation among Kaqchikel Maya Youth
Dulce Aceves (Advisor: Meghan Webb)

Black Excellence
Chalara Sutton (Advisor: Michael Dixon)
Mocker Room
Alexandra Taylor (Advisor: Michael Dixon)
Self-Made Man
Morgan Trowbridge-Pross (Advisor: Ashley Feagin)
From Peru to Michigan: Identifying Peruvian Artifacts in the Albion College Art Collection
Rebecca Wagener (Advisor: Bille Wickre)

Anna Crysler (Advisor: Craig Streu)
Development of a Pseudomonas Syringae Binding Nanobody
Peter Filbrandt (Advisor: Craig Streu)
Monoclonal Antibody Design as a Novel Therapy of Bacterial Leaf Blight Disease in Rice
San Pham (Advisor: Craig Streu)
A study of T7 RNA polymerase-Template interaction utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
Khulan Enkhbaatar (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)
Cloning and Purification of Hpa 1 for Directed Evolution of a T3SS Antibiotic Targeting Rice Blight
Kaitlyn Piontkowsky (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)
A study of E. coli RNA polymerase-Template interaction utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
Jeremy Hogaboom (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

The effect of double mutant shnE.3.2, Ark82 on the development of the imaginal eye disc in Drosophila melanogaster
Anh Dihn (Advisor: Ken Saville)
RNAseq Analysis for Tetrahymena thermophila Mating Type Recognition Pathway
Hannah Erickson (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes)
Determination of distance and differences of song length between dawn song and song at nest box in House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon)
Angela Meyers (Advisor: Dale Kennedy)
Population Genetic structure of Rose Pink in Michigan
C.J. Morton (Advisor: Shelia Lyons-Sobaski)
Effect that parasitic mites have on nest site selection and clutch sizes by House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon)
Nathan Periat (Advisor: Doug White)
Comparing Bacterial Occurrences and their Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities among Different Soil Types using 16S Ribosomal RNA Gene Sequencing
Alexis Wilkerson (Advisor: Ola Olapade)

The Electrocatalytic Reduction of Bromate Through the Use of Electrodes
Morgan Goodnow (Advisor: Kevin Metz)
Examining the Electrocatalytic Reduction of Bromate
Jesse Hepner (Advisor: Kevin Metz)
Microwave Assisted Duff Reaction
Alexandra Seidel (Advisor: Vanessa McCaffrey)

The Benefits and Needs of Financial Education for Young Adults
Ajani Wilson (Advisor: Vicki Baker)
Enhancing Water Literacy for Teenagers Using the Ludic Method
Marcelle Collares (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)
Breaking the Stigma: It's Not Your Fault
Erin Lathrop (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)
Bringing Environment to E-STEM
Angel Ramirez (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)
Effects of Theatre Extracurriculars on Youth
Karen George (Advisor: Ian MacInnes)
Exploring Cultural Continuity Between Ancient Greece and Byzantium
Anthony Avouris (Advisor: Chris Reidel)
“Albion Public Schools: Going South to Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Create a Teaching Faculty that Looks Like Its Student Population.”
Akaiia Ridley (Advisor: Wesley Dick)
Nontransitive Dice in the Casino
Claire Mitchell (Advisor: Mark Bollman)
Greenhouse Gas Inventory for Albion College
Tanya Jagdish (Advisor: Darren Mason & Doug White)

The Effect of Nootropics on Worms
Hunter Penrod (Advisor: Jeff Wilson)
Gender-role conflict, masculinity, and John Henryism as predictors of attitudes toward help seeking
Aura Ware (Advisor: Eric Hill)
Not Going Pro: Academics and Athletics Among Division III Student-Athletes
Clare Kelley (Advisor: Scott Melzer)
Academic and Athletic Identities of Division III Student-Athletes
Courtney Lamrouex (Advisor: Scott Melzer)
Autistic People's Experiences with Teacher-Student Abuse in Public School
Eryn Star (Advisor: Lynn Verduzco-Baker)
Raising a Feminist: The Connection Between the Riveters of WWII and the Second Wave Feminist Movement
Katherine O'Connor (Advisor: Trisha Franzen)