Summer Research Projects, Summer 2019


Exploring Horror
Scholten, Marlo (Advisor: Allison Harnish)

Art & Art History

Photography: Math and Physics behind the Process 
Trowbridge-Pross, Morgan  (Advisor: Ashley Feagin)

The Exploration of Energy, Movement and Growth through Ceramic Sculpture
Wilson, Zoe  (Advisor: Lynne Chytilo)

Trapped Inside my Mirror
Rumler, Payge  (Advisor: Michael Dixon)

The Makings of a Man
Wistinghausen, Scott  (Advisor: Michael Dixon)


A taxonomic revision of the Miconia impressinervis complex (Melastomataceae) on Hispaniola
Lewis, Audrey  (Advisor: Dan Skean)

Measuring Survivability and Reproduction in Daphnia and Ostracods under changing Salinities
Breen, Christopher  (Advisor: Abigial Cahill)

Sodium Chloride’s Pollution and Deicer Alternatives’ Effects on Aquatic Life in Freshwater Environments 
Stander, Rachel  (Advisor: Abigial Cahill)

Investigating the role of the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in alcohol sensitivity in Drosophila melanogaster, and the correlation between genotypes, protein activities, and phenotypes of ADH mutants.
Dinh, Anh  (Advisor: Ken Saville)

The role of Mating Type Proteins in Mating Type Recognition of Tetrahymena thermophile
White, Tyler  (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes)

Comparing Bacterial Occurrences and their Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities among Different Soil Types        
Wilkerson, Alexis  (Advisor: Ola Olapade)

Effects of 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-iodoamphetamine on Drosophila melanogaster
Vandenburg, Bryce  (Advisor: Roger Albertson)


A study of Escherichia coli pausing of in vivo transcription utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
Crisenbery, Sara  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

A study of T7 RNA polymerase-Template interaction utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
Enkhbaatar, Lulu  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

A study of E. coli RNA polymerase-Template interaction utilizing CRISPR/dCas9 protein
King, Maxwell  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

Synthesis and Evaluation of Photoswitchable C-Raf Inhibitor
Ranger, Marah  (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

Controlling Quorum Sensing Bacteria with Light-Sensitive Molecules
Stajdl, Shelby  (Advisor: Cliff Harris)

An exploration of the effectiveness of different methods of conductive polypyrrole synthesis
Lamont, Jonas  (Advisor: Craig Bieler)

Synthesizing azo Tie-2 kinase inhibitor and c-Kit kinase inhibitor for treating cancers
Pham, San  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis of a Small Molecule Azo-PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitor
Robertson, Noah  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis and Characterization of Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors
Wagner, Clara  (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Reduction of Oxyanions Using Bimetallic Nanoparticle Carbon Microsphere Composites
Beall, Mary  (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Catalytic Reduction of Oxyanions using Bimetallic Nanoparticle Carbon Microsphere Composites
Schultz, Slone  (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Communication Studies

Using diverse examples from film and media to teach Communication Studies
Swinton, O'shea  (Advisor: Karen Erlandson)


Leadership Development with an Environmental Perspective
Ramirez, Luis  (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)


Between Comic and Canon: Analyzing Graphic Novel Adaptations of British Literary Classics
Eyster, Tyler  (Advisor: Ian MacInnes)


Diversity and Systematics of Eocene alligator-like crocodylians from the Green River Basin, Wyoming
Konett, Aliera  (Advisor: Bill Bartels)

Turtle Diversity across the Early to Middle Eocene Transition in the Green River Basin of Wyoming
Luurtsema, Joshua  (Advisor: Bill Bartels)


Whitenss in the Golden Age of Immigration (1890-1924)
Verhelst, Isaac  (Advisor: Deborah Kanter)

The Development of Racial Attitudes of White Union Soldiers During the Civil War
Bergeron, Lauren  (Adivsor: Marcy Sacks)

The Evolution of Racial Attitudes During the Civil War
Styles, Destiny  (Advisor: Marcy Sacks)


Math & Computer Science

Three-Card Euchre
Mitchell, Claire  (Advisor: Mark Bollman)


Predictors of Overconfidence
Manning, Caroline  (Advisor: Drew Christopher)

The Relationship Between Helicopter Parenting, Narcissism, and Creativity
Henriksen, Gabrielle  (Advisor: Mareike Wieth)