Summer Research Projects, Summer 2018


Sickness, Stories, and a Cemetery: An Analysis of the Spanish Flu in Albion 100 Years Late
Bricely, Megan (Advisor: Allison Harnish)

Immigrants and Icons: Exploring Evidence of Religious Diversity in Albion's Riverside Cemetery
Marrero, Venus (Advisor: Allison Harnish)

Art & Art History

Exploring My Relationship with Memory, Vulnerability and Growth Through Art
Ekleberry, Ellery (Advisor: Lynne Chytilo)

Exploration of the Everyday Studio Artist
Wilson, Zoe (Advisor: Lynne Chytilo)

The Attitudes of German Expressionism
Barlett, Sean (Advisor: Bille Wickre)

Identity and Belonging
Ballout, Batoul (Advisor: Michael Dixon)


Testing Light Sensitive Compounds on Toll-like Receptors Antagonists and BCR/ABL
Allison, Jessica (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

Investigation of the Targets of miR-9
Stander, Matt (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

Testing efficacy of light activated azologues of tubulin polymerization and Hedgehog pathway inhibitors in vivo
Weiblen, Emilee (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

Isolating and Sequencing New Bacteriophage from The bacteriophages using Gordonia terrae
Bush, Mckenzie (Advisor: Ken Saville)

Isolating and Sequencing New Bacteriophage from The bacteriophages that were isolated were from the host Mycobacterium smegmatis
Murray, Nakilaha (Advisor: Ken Saville)

Influence of Mating Type Proteins on Mating Type Recognition in Tetrahymena thermophile
Rosenthal, Taylor (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes)

Mating Recognition of Ciliary Membrane in Tetrahymena
Trujillo, Alexander (Advisor: Marcella Cervantes)

Delivery of Photoisomerizable Molecules into Drosophila melanogaster
Mellema, Paige (Advisor: Roger Albertson )

Delivery of Photoisomerizable Molecules into Drosophila melanogaster
Moore, Mackenzie (Advisor: Roger Albertson)

Natural History Secrets of Birds: Underutilized Records and Understudied Behavior
Britton, Hannah (Advisor: Doug White)


Synthesis of Hemithiolindigo Azo-Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors
Karns, Taylor (Advisor: Craig Streu)

The Synthesis and Characterization of an Azo-Derivative of a Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Inhibitor
Sheperd, Patrick (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Photoisomerable Azo-Stilbene Smoothened Inhibitor
Swartz, Brock (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Reduction of Perchlorate Using Bimetallic Carbon Microspheres
Beall, Mary (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Fabrication and characterization of bimetallic nanoparticle-carbon microsphere composites
Schultz, Slone (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Isolation and Characterization of Lemongrass Components Using Various Extraction Techniques
Jordon, Shakara (Advisors: Lisa Lewis/Craig Bieler)

Communication Studies

Dungeons & Dragons as a medium for developing and communicating situational leadership
Avouris, Anthony (Advisor: Katey Price)

Economics & Management

Opportunities and Challenges confronted in Nepal’s transition to Universal Banking
Aryal, Shreeya (Advisor: Vicki Baker)


Summer Dreams: Diverse Student Learning in the Outdoor
Karsama, Jared (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)


Surveying the Zooarchaeology of Early Modern London
Black, Mackie (Advisor: MacInnes / Chase)

Ford Institute

Determining the most viable, cost efficient, and sustainable practices in Albion College workplaces, classrooms, and dorms
Davaa-Ochir, Altanzul (Advisor: Patrick McLean)


Systematics and Evolution of Eocene Trionychid Turtles
Sanders, Quintin (Advisor: Bill Bartels)

Riverside Cemetery: The Future in our Past
Alway, Margaret (Advisor: ) Mick McRivette

Analysis of GIS coordinate systems and their use in the study of Devonian epizoans on brachiopod shells
Garrett-Anes, Noah (Advisor: Mick McRivette)

Quantification of Phosphate Fluxes from River Sediment Pore Water, in the Kalamazoo River
Baker, Andrew (Advisor: Tim Lincoln)

GIS-Based Mapping of Phosphate fluxes from River Sediment Pore Water
Rosenburg, Maxim (Advisor: Tim Lincoln)


African American in North after the Civil War
Mills, Shane (Advisor: Marcy Sacks)



UnSuper Mario Brothers: The Musical
Powell, Ryan (Advisor: James Ball)


An Ontological Analysis of Self
Wang, Xingzhu (Advvisor: Daniel Mittag)


How do children’s understanding of the appearance-reality distinction and reliability of the interviewer impact children’s responses to false claims?
Krause, Marianne (Advisor: Andrea Francis)

The Relationship Between Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction Among Different Cultural Backgrounds
Tran, My (Advisor: Barbara Keyes)

Does masculinity come at a cost? Gender roles' influence on sentencing
Mudd, Emily (Advisor: Eric Hill)

Self-Esteem, Gender, and Ego Threat: Predicting Benevolent and Hostile Sexism
Stewart, Ian (Advisor: Eric Hill)

The effects of framing and ingroup favoritism on decision making
Appel, Rachel (Advisor: Mareike Wieth)

Religious Studies

Religion, Immigration and Industry: The Role of Christian Communities in Shaping 20th Century Albion
Eyster, Tyler (Advisor: Jocelyn McWhirter)

Old Testament Interpretation in Hebrews
Trombley, Troy (Advisor: Jocelyn McWhirter)


An Analysis of Refugee Integration in Michigan Cities
Belcher, Maggie (Advisor: Matthew Schoene)

Prevalence of Intimate Violence between Queer Women
Maher, Katherine (Advisor: Scott Melzer)


Un Artista è Bato: International Adventures of an Aspiring Artist
Manning, Savannah (Advisor: Stephanie Henderson)