Summer Research Projects, Summer 2017


Wicca, Neo-Paganism, and Queer Identity
Brady, Travis (Advisor: Allison Harnish)

Investigating and Analyzing WB Policy in Zambia
Syed, Maryam (Advisor: Allison Harnish)


Colony Collapse and bees
Balcoff, Athena (Advisor: Chytilo)

Art Imitates life: and exploration of memory through sculpture
Ekleberry, Ellery (Advisor: Chytilo)

The Disposable Nature of Consumer Goods
Pitt, Kelly (Advisor: Chytilo)


The effects of bacterial superinfection on Drosophila
Ruprecht, Victoria (Advisor: Albertson)

Delivery and Activation of photoisomerizable drugs in Drosophila Melanogaster
Velasco, Jonathan (Advisor: Albertson)

Equine Genetics: Allelic Patterns of Equine Muscle Types
Reilly, Megan (Advisor: Shelia Lyons-Sobaski)

Resistance of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis to Simulated Conditions of Extreme Extraterrestrial Environments
DiFiore, Julia (Advisor: Olapade/Zellner)

Isolation, Characterization, and Comparison of Bacteriophages from Three Different Environments in Southwestern Michigan
Whitefoot, Kaitlyn (Advisor: Ola Olapade)

Inflammatory Expression: Mutations affecting the binding of miR429 and PAK2
Alpert, Taylor (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

miR126 Binding to Target Genes in Inflammatory Monosytes
Budd, Tristan (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

Investigation of the Targets of miR-9
Stander, Matthew (Advisor: Brad Rabquer)

Detection of Organophosphate Pesticides Using Fluorescent Chemosensors
Ahmed, Zainab (Advisor: Sellers)

Synthesis of Flourescent Sensor Molecules to Detect Pyrophosphates
Hoban, Cristino (Advisor: Sellers)


Developing a Catalytic Taylor Reaction
Kohanov, Zachary (Advisor: Cliff Harris)

Determination of unknown compounds produced by shock experiments
Robbins, Jami (Advisors: Harris/McCaffrey)

The Effects of Electron Density, Aromaticity, and Hybridization of a Substrate on the Efficiency and Extent of Oxidation by a Vanadium Catalyst
Bernard, Michael (Advisor: Vanessa McCaffrey)

The Effect On Catalysis Via Differing Electron Densities within Vanadium Complexes
Conover, Olivia (Advisor: Vanessa McCaffrey )

Synthesis and Characterization of a DNA Aptamer Targeted at Aspergillus Galactomannan Cell Surface Carbohydrate
Silvestri, Sabrina (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nucleic Acid Aptamers Targeted at Aspergillus Galactomannan Surface Carbohydrate
Woodhead, Nicole (Advisor: Chris Rohlman)

Synthesis and Characterization of an Azologue of the Toll-Like Receptor-2 (TLR2) Signaling Inhibitor
Kazmierczak, Marcin (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Development and testing of second generation azoM Combretastatin A4 inhibitors
Swartz, Brock (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Development and testing of second generation azo-oxytocin antagonists
Dill, Zerick (Advisor: Craig Streu)


Designing a Nature-Based and Culturally Relevant Curriculum for the Whitehouse Nature Center
Kivel, Virginia (Advisor: Suellyn Henke)

Designing a Nature-Based and Culturally Relevant Curriculum for the Whitehouse Nature Center
Manning, Caroline (Advisor” Suellyn Henke)


Ficition, Non-Fiction, and everything in between: Exploring the gradient between reality and the imaginary
Guy, Marley (Advisor: Nels Christensen)

Brothels & Prostitution in Early Modern London: Researching, Mapping and Coding for the Map of Early Modern London
Allison, Emily (Advisor: Ian MacInnes)


Analysis of GIS coordinate systems and their use in the study of Devonian epizoans on brachiopod shells
Garrett-Anes, Noah (Advisor: Bill Bartels) 

International Studies

Research: Ford Administration Policy Towards China
Aerts, Ethan (Advisor: Midori Yoshii)

Math & Computer Science

Java Based Computer Simulator and Probability Analysis of Keno
Nguyen, Khoa (Advisor: Mark Bollman)

Coordinating Numerous Physical Pixels in an Electro-Mechanical Design
Claucherty, Kevin (Advisor: Dave Reimann) 


Examining Tarski’s Semantic Conception of Truth Raseman, Sam Kirby 


The Art of Physical Exdperiments
Chernysheva, Liliya (Advisor: Charles Moreau)

Integrated Systems Thin Film Coating of Scintillation Crystals for Positron Emission Tomography
Stanulis, James (Advisor: Charles Moreau)

Designing and integration of a low cost, 20-MHz oscilloscope using an embedded microcontroller
Wong, Tsun Ting (Advisor: Charles Moreau)

Participation in the Experimental Study of Charge Exchange in Ion-Atom Collisions that are relevant to Astrophysics
Wegley, Leanna (Advisor: Dave Seely)

Resistance of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis to Simulated Conditions of Extreme Extraterrestrial Environments
DiFiore, Julia (Advisor: Nicolle Zellner) 

Political Science

Restorative Justice in Michigan
Malecki. Andrew (Advisor: Bill Rose) 


Assertive and Defensive Self-Presentation as Predictors of Facebook Use
Wang, Xingzhu (Advisor: Drew Christopher)

Self-esteem, gender, and ego threat: Predicting sexism and traditional gender role conformity
Stewart, Ian (Advisor: Eric Hill) 


Exploring Toxic Masculinity at Albion College
Hopkins, Chaz (Advisor: Scott Melzer)

Intimate Violence Amongst Queer Women
Maher, Katherine (Advisor: Scott Melzer)

Critical Literature Review of Third Culture Kids: A Meta-Analysis
Boyle, Erin (Advisor: Lynn Verduzco-Baker )