Summer Research Projects, Summer 2016


Artifact Repatriation
Adams, Chelsea (Advisor: B. Wickre)

The Rise, Fall, and Revitalization of Women in Rough Stock Riding: Rider
Schultz, Hannah (Advisor: A. Feagin)


Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea macula Lam.) secrete catechin in the presence of Root herbivore
Anderson, Elise (Advisro: S. Lyons-Sobaski)

Inventory, Mapping, and Interactive Interpretation of the Ewell A. Stowell Arboretum, Whitehouse Nature Center, Albion College, Albion, Michigan
Dussel, Mike (Advisor: D. Skean)

Analysis of the photoisomerizable cancer drug azo-Combrestatin A4 using Drosophila melanogaster as a model organism
Hancock, Molly (Advisor: R. Albertson)

Drosophila as A Model Organsim For Light Activated Compounds and Cox-2
Kilbride, Sarah (Advisor: R. Albertson)

Investigation of the SOCS4 Target of miR9
Patel, Nikhil (Advisor: Biology/B. Rabquer)

Vanadium complexes inhibit the growth of cancer cell lines by inducing necroptosis via production of reactive oxygen species
Rana, Savannah (Advisor: B. Rabquer)

Examining the Effects of Metal Ion Concentrations on the Hydrolytic Enzyme Activities of Microbial Communities along the Kalamazoo River: A Spatial and Temporal Comparison
Rasmussen, Lauren (Advisor: O. Olapade)

Mediation of Degradation of Pak2 by miR429
Stull, Lauren (Advisor: B. Rabquer)


Soil Analysis for the Greater Albion Garden Network
Ford, Roxanne (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Synthesis of Photoisomerizing Azo-Stilbene to inhibit ALK5
Hall, Thomas (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Synthesis of a Photoisomerizing Azo-Stilbene ALK5 Inhibitor for Cancer Treatment
Kelsey, Lauren (Advisor: Craig Streu)

Creating Catalytic Composits
Reid, Alex (Advisor: Kevin Metz)

Varying Aryl-Halides in Suzuki Coupling Reactions using Green Palladium Carbon Composite Materials as Catalyst
Riddell, Nalee (Advisor: Kevin Metz)


A Trip to the Technology of the Past: An Interactive Mobile Children’s Exhibit
Barry, Rachel (Advisor: A. Boyan)

Making Albion College’s Analog History Accessible: The Digitization of Obsolete
Nolan, Katelyn (Advisor: A. Boyan)


An Analysis of Available Summer Programming: Developing a Proposal for Expanding Educational Summer Programs in Albion
Kivel, Virginia (Advisor: S. Henke) 


Animal Geography and the Digital Humanities: Contributing to and Coding for the Map of Early Modern London (MoEML)
Casebeer, Kathleen (Advisor: I. MacInnes)

Ford Institute / Political Science

The Importance of Wasta: Water politics and the tribal system in Jordan
Roeder, Sydney (Advisor: P. McLean)

Expanding Healthy Food Access in Albion
Rohrborn, Hannah (Advisor: P. McLean)


Determining Diets of Paleocene and Eocene Crocodylians Using Carbon Isotopes in Tooth Enamel
Gillham, Robert (Advisor: C. Menold)


Washington Gardner: The Albion Connection
Herweyer, Christopher (Advisor: W. Dick)

Great Lakes Transnational Culture: A Historical Exploration of Resistance, Coalescence, and Regional Identity
Mattson, Andrew (Advisor: M. Sacks) 

Math & Computer Science

Structural modeling and analysis of arising patterns
Chernysheva, Liliya (Advisor: D. Reimann)

Computer Simulation and Mathematical Analysis of Games Using Nonstandard
Leeds, Justin (Advisor: M. Bollman)


Desalinating the Sea Shanty
Meyer, Philip (Advisor: C. Parr)

The Music of Chemistry: Experimental Electronic Music from Recorded Laboratory Sounds
Talaski, Grace (Advisor: S. McIllhagga)

The physical and emotional Benefits of music education for students
Vinopal, Andrew (Advisor: S. McIllhagga)


Ways to increase empathy when "having been there" is not enough
Bourgoin, Jaime (Advisor: M. Wieth & A. Francis)

The Effects of MK-801 on Learning Capabilities in Lumbricus Terrestris
Ely, Samantha (Advisor: J. Wilson)

The relationship between resilience level and false memories
Cannoy, Ciara (Advisor: M. Wieth)

Habituation in Eisenia hortensis
Johnson, Brandon (Advisor: J. Wilson)

The Development of The Fundamental Attribution Error
Zinkel, Katie (Advisor: A. Francis)


Life…Out of this World? Pedagogical Assessments and Activities
Della Pia, Victoria (Advisor: N. Zellner)

Participation in the experimental study of charge exchange in ion-atom collisions that are relevant to astrophysics modeling
Fodor, Antoniu (Advisor: D. Seely)

Participation in the experimental study of charge exchange in ion-atom collisions that are relevant to astrophysics
Wegley, Leanne (Advisor: D. Seely)


"Change - An Original Play"
Radwick, Abigail (Advisor: M. Hoffland)

Exploring Children's Theatre
Rose, Olivia (Advisor: M. Hoffland)