Summer Research Projects, Summer 2010


The Canoe and Michigan's Indigenous Peoples
Shawn Anderson (Adviser: Dr. Mullin)

Prevalence and Determinants of Physical and Sexual Violence Amongst College Students in Nigeria
Johanna Dart (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Dating Patterns and Behaviors among Nigerian Undergraduates
Jeanetta Mohlke-Hill (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Uncovering the Gendering Process Through the Analysis of Intersexed Persons
Lauren Roberts (Adviser: Dr. Melzer)

Nwagni Friction: An Anthropological Look at International Service and Education
Abigail Schonfeld (Adviser: Dr. Mullin)

Art and Art History

The Michigan Garage: A Photographic Series
Kathering DeVoursney (Adviser: Dr. Wahl)

Davidsion: The Artwork of Jacque-Louis David and the Call for Social Revolution through the Dismantling of the Individual Ego
Brandon Markle (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)

On the Road: Part 1
Ashley Meyers (Adviser: Dr. Wahl)

Ceramics portfolio
Lauren Scheer, (Adviser: Dr. Chytillo)

Multiple Exposure Calotype Prints
Stephanie Vance (Adviser: Dr. Wahl)     


Comparison of Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Microbial Assemblages along Nutrient Gradient
Erin Goldman (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)

Description of an Unknown Amphipod Found in the Intertidal Mudflats of Suriname, South America
Cynthia Hanson (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Genetic Diversity Among Peripheral Populations of Sabatia angularis
Nicole Johnson (Adviser: Dr. Lyons-Sobaski)

Development of Microsatellite Genetic Markers in S. angularis
Dana Koenig (Adviser: Dr. Lyons-Sobaski)

Behavioral variation in Drosophila due to Wolbachia localization in specific brain regions
Rachel Leads (Adviser: Dr. Albertson)

Assessment of Source, Transport, and Fate of Fecal Indicator Bacterial Populations along the Watershed of the Kalamazoo River
Kayleigh Pung (Adviser: Dr. Olapade)


Synthesis and Evaluation of a Novel Class of Salen-Derived Hypervalent Iodine Reagents
Aaron Bender (Adviser: Dr. French)

Continued Research on Chemical Fictionalization of Glassy Carbon Surfaces and Attachment of Palladium Covered Gold
Seth Goulet (Adviser: Dr. Metz)

Synthesis and Analysis: Fluorescently Labeled Anabaena Group 1 Ribozyme
Hannah Koaches (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

Monitoring Antioxidant Activity in Red and White Wine Upon Opening
Nicholas Lessnau (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Investigating the Preferred Hypervalent Iodine Bond in Chiral Iodophenyl Oxazolines
Jacob Stoneburner (Adviser: Dr. French)

Optimization of Fluorescently Labeled Group I Intron Substrates coupled with Kinetic evaluation of Tetrahymena and Twort Ribozymes
Matthew Zaborowicz (Adviser: Dr. Rohlman)

Economics and Management

Evergreening in the United States
Robert Clark (Adviser: Mr. Yoshida)


An Exploration of Poetic Forms
Kristen Dawes (Adviser: Dr. Stotz-Ghosh)

The Nature of Spoken Word—Assembling the Audio-Poetry Collection
Stephen Dudas, (Adviser: Dr. Hendrix)

The Role of Nature and the Environment in Graphic Novels
Audrey Huggett (Adviser: Dr. Christensen)

Reflective Language and Narrative in Recent Apocalyptic Literature
Rose Massey (Adviser: Dr. Roberts)

Ethnic Studies

Why Are There No Puerto Rican-Americans? Identity Formation Among Puerto Rican Youth in Central Florida
Eric Highers (Adviser: Dr. Ariza)


Distribution of Dwarf Sagebrush (Artemisia arbuscula) around Mt. Barcroft, California
Catherine Castelli (Advisor: Dr. Van de Ven)

Documenting the groundwater inflow of the North and South Branches of the Kalamazoo River through temperature and discharge measurements of springs
Zane Havens (Adviser: Dr. Wilch)

Impact of Weather Conditions on Cold Air Inversions at the White Iyno Mountain Range in California
Lyndsey Reynolds (Adviser: Dr. Van de Ven)

Cold Air Drainage in Crooked Creek Valley
William Ward, (Adviser: Dr. Van de Ven)

Stream Turbidity in the North and South Branches of the Kalamazoo River
Abigail Williams (Adviser: Dr. Wilch)


America and Afghanistan, Past and Present
Tom Dukes (Adviser: Dr. Hagerman)

International Studies

An Analysis of the Mexican Drug War and Suggested Policy Solutions to End the Crisis
Adam Lomasney (Adviser: Dr. Kanter)


Abbott, David   The Love Triangle: A Historical and Cultural background into the personal and musical relationships of Clara Wieck Schumann, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms
Lucas Noel Florin (Adviser: Dr. Abbott)

A Compositional Study of Third Stream Music
Daniel Palmer (Adviser: Dr. Ball)

Simple Guitar Ensemble Pieces for Pedagogical Purposes and use with Young Students
Brian Sorenson (Adviser: Ms. Jensen-Abbott)


LC/MS and GC/MS of simple sugars
Erica Bennett (Adviser: Dr. Zellner)

Building a Newtonian Reflecting Telescope
Holly Farris (Adviser: Dr. Zellner)

Political Science

Term Limit Induced Efficacy in the State of Michigan
Christin Spoolstra (Adviser: Dr. Dabney)


Shyness and Feelings of Inadequacy: Exploring the Mediating and Moderating Roles of Emotional Intelligence
Erica Ahlich (Adviser: Dr. Carlson) 

The Designing of a Board Game to Assist High-Functioning Children With Autism Ages Seven to Eleven in the Development of Their Socioemotional Skills
Maria Kaisler (Adviser: Dr. Carlson) 

The Effects of Time of Day on the Anchoring Heuristic
Anthony McCoy (Dr. Wieth)

Women and Gender Studies

Food Camp: The Effects of Community Gardens and Nutritional Mentoring Programs on Middle School Girl's Attitude / Awareness of Nutrition
Rachel Keener (Dr. Franzen)