Summer Research Projects, Summer 2001


Ceramic analysis of pottery dating from 1300 AD, Xaltocan, Mexico.
Jon Adams and Dustin Hill (Advisor: Dr. Brumfiel)

A look at the ethical issues behind genetic counseling.
Katie McCabe (Advisor: Dr. Mullin)

Art and Art History

A study on the benefits of a cooperative art gallery for the Albion community: development of a business plan.
David DiVincenzo (Advisor: Ms. Chytilo)

Video as an art medium: exploring its origins, aspects, and application to the creative process.
Jill Mason (Advisor: Ms. Chytilo)

Female sexuality in performance art.
Kimberly Shannon (Advisor: Dr. Wickre)


Cloning and characterization of xylG, encoding an ABC-type transporter of xylose, in Thermoanaerobacter ethanolicus.
Sarah Hudson (Advisor: Dr. Erbeznik)

Standard and molecular analyses of the microbial diversity in Rice Creek.
Melinda Sloma (Advisor: Dr. Erbeznik)

Comparing methods of extracting DNA from feathers: a tool for determining nestling sex ratios in House Wrens (Troglodytes aedon).
Kami Marsack (Advisor: Dr. Kennedy)

Research on songs of male House Wrens at Whitehouse Nature Center: comparison of the patterns of song elements in experienced and novice breeders.
Ngan Thai (Advisor: Dr. Kennedy)

Exploring the intraventricular administration of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor for protection against cerebral ischemia by increasing cerebral blood flow.
Paul Garabelli (Advisor: Dr. Klarr)

The analysis of the effects of benzamil and L-n-nitroarginine (L-NNA) on the blood pressure of Sprague-Dawley rats.
Lindsay Miller (Advisor: Dr. Klarr)

Double stranded DNA break repair in Drosophilia melanogaster.
Sarah Greko (Advisor: Dr. Saville)

Using transposable elements to identify genes that are involved in DNA repair.
Julie Woolworth (Advisor: Dr. Saville)

The search for stalked ciliates (Peritrichia): Lake Winnepeg, Michigan.
Sheila Santa (Advisor: Dr. Schmitter)

Examining the evolutionary origin of Mecranium latifolium (DC.) Skean using ITS nuclear ribosomal DNA comparisons.
Shannon McKenny (Advisor: Dr. Skean)

Recording and analysis of song in House Wrens at different stages of the breeding cycle.
Tammy Calvin (Advisor: Dr. White)


Determining the relationship between the quantum fluorescence yield of a molecule and its effectiveness as a matrix compound in MALDI (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization).
Keven Clawson (Advisor: Dr. Bieler)

The formation and decomposition of 1,2-dioxetane-3,4-dione: a quantum mechanical computational study.
Valerie McCarthy (Advisor: Dr. Bieler)

The study and characterization of polypyrrole made by photochemical oxidative polymerization.
Elise Schultz (Advisor: Dr. Bieler)

Photodegradation of carbon tetrachloride using different semiconductors in ambient light.
Margaret Menoch (Advisors: Dr. Bieler and Dr. Lewis)

Synthesis, analysis, and reactivity of chiral hypervalent iodine reagents: an international research collaboration between the University of Cardiff in Wales and Albion College.
Amanda Boye (Advisor: Dr. French)

Cerium catalyzed additions to 2-iodobenzaldehyde: a model study for the creation of new hypervalent iodine reagents.
Crystal Ingison (Advisor: Dr. French)

Gaussian 98 as a predictive tool of stereoselective addition of new chiral hypervalent iodine reagents to alkenes.
Josh Konzer (Advisor: Dr. French)

The synthesis of a chiral biaryl diamine ligand: precursor to a new hypervalent iodine reagent.
Laurie Vance (Advisor: Dr. French)

Determining the selectivity of the oxidation of terminal and internal alkenes and alkynes using BH3-THF and alumina-supported potassium permanganate.
Rany Aburashed, Nick Gilpin and Jim Jostock (Advisor: Dr. Harris)

Using organometallics on phosphine oxides in the hopes of developing a scheme to recycle the Wittig reagent, which is used heavily in industrial chemistry.
Jennifer Kuebler, Shawn Marie Maurer and Rose-Anne Meissner (Advisor: Dr. Harris)


Using language and images to convey ideas through a collection of original poetry and photography.
Kelly Kurtz (Advisor: Ms. Chavez)

Creative writing: short fiction and poetry.
Bethany Buchholz (Advisor: Mr. Murphy)

Electronic publishing and its effects on the traditional, paper publishing industry.
Lynda Gronlund and Misty Hensley (Advisor: Mr. Murphy)

Mark Twain's portrayal of females: what these tell us of Twain--his times and attitudes-- and how such portrayals influence gender issues.
Anne Starr (Advisor: Dr. Wyss)

Foreign Languages

French writers' perspectives of Southern Louisiana as represented in historical writings, contemporary cultural studies, and contemporary fiction.
Jody Vinic (Advisor: Dr. Guenin-Lelle)


Paleontology and stratigraphy of the Mississippian Bayport limestone, Bellvue, Michigan.
Rebecca Brooks (Advisor: Dr. Bartels)

Characterization of the hydrology and geomorphology of the Rice Creek Watershed.
Sarah Hepinstall and Jason Kennedy (Advisor: Dr. Wilch)


Environmental impact of the Elwha River dams.
Jillian Gismondi (Advisor: Dr. Dick).

JFK and the Camelot myth: fact or fiction.
Jennifer Zink (Advisor: Dr. Dick)


Statistical modeling comparison of weather patterns in eastern Wisconsin and eastern Michigan.
Dennis VanCleve (Advisor: Dr. Anderson)

Study of the characterization of X-rays in computed tomography as related to finding fossil specimens in rock.
Jennifer Tobin (Advisor: Dr. Reimann)


Composing and the creative process: original musical compositions incorporating various styles of music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Early and Late 20th Century.
David Fienup (Advisor: Dr. Bishop)

Fulfilling a dream: becoming an American composer.
Jefton Knight (Advisor: Dr. Bishop)

"Pictures at an Exhibition" - the lives of Mussorgsky and Hartman.
Yukiko Tanaka (Advisor: Mr. Curtin)

Composing in the style of popular electronic soundtracks utilizing a nonstandardized orchestral makeup to aurally represent themes of plot common to video game storytelling.
Donald Vescoso (Advisor: Dr. Bishop)


Detection of environmental nuclear radiation.
Kyle Kidder (Advisor: Dr. Ludington)

Political Science

The Shadow State: Employing and challenging Weberian measures of the state in antebellum American territorial expansion.
Nathan Piwowarski (Advisor: Dr. Grossman)


Face and emotional expression recognition.
Mark Heilala and Holly Sprunger (Advisor: Dr. Anes)

Time-perception, stress, and overall well-being of children during summer.
Hannon Hogan (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

Children's perception of gender-stereotypic careers.
Tanya Kuprianiak (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

The effect of the 1960s and 1970s women's movement on female self-description in Italy and America.
Dana Lobelle (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

Perceptions of fairness in the justice system: a cross-cultural comparison.
Rebecca Anderson (Advisor: Dr. Otto)

Experimental neurosis in the rat: maladaptive behavior resulting from uncertainty.
Heather Linz (Advisor: Dr. Wilson)

Speech Communication

Heroines, Harlots and Halfbreeds: an analysis of the representation of women in Disney's animated feature films, 1987-2000.
Mollie Nothnagel (Advisor: Dr. Barry)


A Postmodern play dealing with the autobiographical characters in the plays of Tennessee Williams.
Susan Dudley (Advisor: Mr. AuFrance)

Modern Western views of Kabuki theatre.
Laura Kraly (Advisor: Mr. AuFrance)

The process of and techniques used in Scenic Design.
Nicole Broughton (Advisor: Mr. Burns)

The course of a scenic designer through research, craftsmanship, and the final production.
Christopher Zinger (Advisor: Mr. Burns)

Methodology and considerations for directing Sam Shepard's A Lie of the Mind.
Paul Rahn (Advisor: Mr. Starko)

Women's Studies

Forgotten Woman: Anna Howard Shaw reintroduced.
Greta Elenbaas (Advisor: Dr. Franzen)

Women in the American musical theater.
Alexis Snyder (Advisor: Dr. Franzen)