Summer Research Projects, Summer 2002

Art and Art History

Research in theories and methods of museology
Lindsay Lyman (Advisor: Dr. Cavell)

History and theory of modern fashion
Melisa Riser (Advisor: Dr. Cavell)

Techniques for producing the ceramic art of Majolica
Amanda Dobkowski (Advisor: Ms. Chytilo)

The Albion collection of Phillip C. Curtis paintings and American Surrealism
David DiVincenzo (Advisor: Dr. Wickre)

Cataloging and researching Albion College's collection of Navajo rugs and basketry: a discussion on how the context of symbols changes over time and through context
Alyssa Russell (Advisors: Dr. Wickre & Dr. Mullin)


Investigation of xylose transport in Thermoanacrobacter ethanolicus
Adam Herrman (Advisor: Dr. Erbežnik)

Songs used in mate communication in House Wrens
Tammy Calvin (Advisor: Dr. Kennedy)

An examination of a method to increase DNA yield from feathers
Amanda Kent (Advisor: Dr. Kennedy)

Molecular sexing of Black-capped Chickadees for examining dominance patterns of males and females
Amy Radgowski (Advisor: Dr. Kennedy)

Impacts of parasitism on the intertidal clam Mya arenaria
Nicole Casey (Advisor: Dr. McCurdy)

Sex-biased predation of fish on an important intertidal amphipod, Corphium volutator
Sean Logan (Advisor: Dr. McCurdy)

Two-part songs in House Wrens: responses to introductory and terminal song portions in field playback experiments
Michelle Aleo (Advisor: Dr. White)


Summer collaborative research experience, Albion College and Cardiff University: synthesis and evaluation of chiral hypervalent iodine reagents
Crystal Ingison (Advisor: Dr. French)

Synthesis and evaluation of chiral hypervalent benzyl iodide reagents
Joseph Heinzelmann (Advisor: Dr. French)

Investigation and synthesis of hypervalent iodine reagents
Craig Streu (Advisor: Dr. French)

Investigating the holding times of organic compounds
Anjali Arora (Advisor: Dr. Green)

Photoeffects on the reduction of carbon tetrachloride by coupled metal oxides
Kimberly Illg (Advisor: Dr. Green)

The complete oxidation of trialkylboranes
Joshua Menig (Advisor: Dr. Harris)

Preparation of 2-hydroxy-3-pinanone by direct oxidation of a-pinene
Jessica Mosier (Advisor: Dr. Harris)

General characterization of ribozymes from the Anabaena pre-tRNAleu group I intron
Michael Marvin (Advisor: Dr. Rohlman)

Cloning, sequencing, and structure analysis of a catalytic RNA
Erin Toth (Advisor: Dr. Rohlman)


An evaluation of mentoring programs for at-risk teen girls
Sarah Cooper (Advisor: Dr. Meloth)

Educational perspectives in a developing country
Teresa Liedtke (Advisor: Dr. Meloth)


Orwellian dogma: a plunge into the mind and world of George Orwell
Karin Heffel (Advisor: Dr. Crupi)

A study of the lives, literature, and language of the Scottish Chaucerians
Emily Knaus (Advisor: Dr. Crupi)

Mothers and daughters: an exploration of women's lives through poetry
Amber Buck (Advisor: Dr. Lockyer)

Blessed are the Meek: creative works of fiction
Julie Pepera (Advisor: Mr. Murphy)

Mark Twain and gender
Anne Starr (Advisor: Dr. Wyss)

Environmental Institute

Characterization of microbial communities in the local aquatic habitats
Jayme Cannon (Advisor: Dr. Erbežnik)

Standard and molecular analysis of the microbial diversity in Rice Creek
Morgan Haugen (Advisor: Dr. Erbežnik)

The Rice Creek project: chemical analysis of water samples using ion chromatography
Brianna Granlund and Sumit Pathak (Advisor: Dr. Green)

Macroinvertebrate survey of the Rice Creek watershed
Derek Burkholder and Taki Johnson (Advisor: Dr. McCurdy)

Producer organisms from selected sites of the Rice Creek watershed.
Amy Copenhaver (Advisor: Dr. Schmitter)

Variation in dissolved oxygen levels of Rice Creek in relation to temperature, oxygen-demanding wastes, and stream biota
Valorie White (Advisor: Dr. White)

Characterization of stream flow conditions in Rice Creek
Steve Anderson and Jeremiah Morse (Advisor: Dr. Wilch)

Foreign Languages

La Musique Acadienne
Alison Harris (Advisor: Dr. Guenin-Lelle)

De la lectura a la escritura - Learning to write the short story in Spanish
Krista Cady (Advisor: Dr. Moret)


The morphology and systematics of a large Eocene Crocodylid from the Middle Eocene of Wyoming
Jeremy Gouldey (Advisor: Dr. Bartels)

The morphology, variation and systematics of Eocene Baenid turtles from North America
Kathryn Hilovsky (Advisor: Dr. Bartels)

The lateral distribution and morphology of Eocene turtles in the Green River Basin, Wyoming
Sierra Sellman (Advisor: Dr. Bartels)


"It shall be thus and so" - The Women's Self-Government Association of Susanna Wesley Hall, 1926-1936.
Anne Polmanter (Advisor: Dr. Chambers)

Welfare for warriors: America and the G.I. Bill of Rights
Cortney Schaffer (Advisor: Dr. Chambers)

The effect of the Great Depression on Albion, Michigan, the state of Michigan, and the nation
Daniel Fingas and Lisa Walden (Advisor: Dr. Dick)

Honors Institute

Offensive anti-terrorism: a critical analysis of the United States military's anthrax vaccination immunization program
Eric Van Ness (Advisor: Dr. Terstriep)

Math and Computer Science

Paradox: an interactive computer game blending humanity, science fiction and fantasy
Matthew Linden (Advisor: Dr. Reimann)

Computer representation and generation of three-dimensional virtual worlds
Alex Oatley (Advisor: Dr. Reimann)

Web-based tutoring for novice computer science students
Richard Straughen (Advisor: Dr. Reimann)


Musical composition: creative process, lifestyle, and composition process
David Fienup (Advisor: Dr. Bishop)

The creation of a masterpiece: the study and construction of a symphony
Donald Vescoso (Advisor: Dr. Bishop)


Critique of Intelligent Design
Sean Nelb (Advisor: Dr. Davis)

Physical Education

Burnout in athletes: a cross-population analysis considering both mental and physical factors
Travis Boyd (Advisor: Dr. Moss)


Determination of potassium by gamma-ray spectroscopy
David Friday (Advisor: Dr. Ludington)

The characterization of a negative ion accelerator for the photodetachment of low energy negative ions
William Green (Advisor: Dr. Seely)

Political Science

Is America truly exceptional? A comparative analysis of the United States' and Great Britain's naval development during the late 19th century
Evan Hawker (Advisor: Dr. Horstman)


Hemispheric specialization in volume judgments
Lauren Hecht (Advisor: Dr. Anes)

The effects of changing colors and shapes on neglect patients in the left side of space
Sarah Storbeck (Advisor: Dr. Anes)

Sexism in conflict resolution
Kristin Abraham (Advisor: Dr. Christopher)

Mental illness in the workplace
Elizabeth Haas (Advisor: Dr. Christopher)

Religiosity, materialism, and well-being
Leonard Noel (Advisor: Dr. Christopher)

The salience of gender and racial cues on children's choice of playmates
Darcy Crain (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

Perceptions and overall well-being of children during the summer months
Hannon Hogan (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

A longitudinal study of acne treatment in relation to stress, self-esteem, body image and development
Brooke Reich (Advisor: Dr. Keyes)

Political correctness as a social barrier: how can we inspire both a positive and genuine examination of social prejudice?
Kirstin Leiby (Advisor: Dr. Otto)

Quality of infant care by young mothers
Lily Sacks (Dr. Walter)

The effect of temporary chemical lesions to the septum and the nucleus basalis on working and reference memory
Wynne Dawley (Advisor: Dr. Wilson)

A study of the role of muscarinic receptors in memory by examining effects of selective inhibition of cholinergic neurons in the nucleus basalis and septum on working memory in rats
Courtney Hancock (Advisor: Dr. Wilson)


From idea to pen: using the playwright's process to create a musical
Jason Kennedy (Advisor: Mr. AuFrance)

Western attitudes towards Kabuki theatre
Laura Kraly (Advisor: Mr. AuFrance)

Misogyny in the musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein
Alexis Snyder (Advisor: Mr. AuFrance)

Costume design for a production at Albion College to be entered in the American College Theatre Festivals National Design Competition
Leah Williams (Advisor: Mr. Starko)

Women's Studies

Publication in the United States: misconceptions of the Middle East
Ayla Malik (Advisor: Dr. Franzen)