Summer Research Projects, Summer 2005


The sociology of music as a profession
Rachel Szymanski (Adviser: Dr. Melzer)

Understanding the effects of parental social economic status on child labor in urban Nigeria
Arielle Carter (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Child labor as a determinant of fertility behavior in urban Nigeria
Samantha Newman (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Household size as a determinant of child labor in urban Nigeria
Sarah Richardson (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Art and Art History

Animals on the edge: a study of beasts in the marginal imagery of the Cathedral of Saint-Trophime
Bethany Corriveau (Adviser: Dr. Cavell)

The fundamentalist origin: understanding a rigid vehicle of faith
Troy Piwowarski (Adviser: Prof. Goering)

Development of goals in youth: growing up in the city of Albion, Michigan
Emily Crichton (Advisers: Dr. Wickre and Prof. Chytilo)

The key to the cabinets: understanding Dalinian philosophy
Jason Sebacher (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)

The Scottish rebels
Nicole Trachsel (Adviser: Dr. Wickre)


Environmental and climatological factors influencing nurse shark reproductive behavior
Amy Hupp (Adviser: Dr. Carrier)

Analysis of fecal coliforms in Rice Creek by fluorescence in situ hybridization
Sarah Carver (Adviser: Dr. Erbežnik)

A test of the egg-viability hypothesis in Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) in Whitehouse Nature Center
Megan Fitzpatrick (Adviser: Dr. Kennedy)

Seed dispersal by bison on Konza Prairie
Jaime Gonsler (Adviser: Dr. Lyons-Sobaski)

Mate selection and selective removal of embryos by females of the amphipod Corophium volutator
Diana Lancaster (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Behavior of intersexes in the intertidal amphipod Corophium volutator
Dan Painter (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Netrins: creating divergent axon morphologies
Stephanie Clark (Adviser: Dr. Scheel)

Examination of the molecular mechanisms that promote divergent axon morphologies: comparative analysis of netrin expression in arthropods
Wendy Simanton (Adviser: Dr. Scheel)

The effect of nest structure on incubation patterns of Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) in the Whitehouse Nature Center
Ashley Gardner (Adviser: Dr. White)


Laser spectroscopic analysis of the dissociation of Ne2Br2
Natalie McKinney (Adviser: Dr. Bieler)

Synthesis and evaluation of a fluorinated chiral hypervalent iodine reagent
Bethany Bierlein (Adviser: Dr. French)

Collaborative hypervalent iodine chemistry at Cardiff University, Wales
Neil Forster (Adviser: Dr. French)

Hypervalent iodine chemistry
Shauna Paradine (Adviser: Dr. French; funded by a grant from the American Chemical Society's Petroleum Research Fund)

Synthesis and evaluation of a new chiral hypervalent iodine reagent based on stilbene oxide
Sarah Simmons (Adviser: Dr. French; funded by a grant from the American Chemical Society's Petroleum Research Fund)

Assessing phosphate ion concentration [PO4-3] in the Rice Creek watershed
Kristyn Darmafall (Adviser: Dr. Green)

Detecting low levels of phosphate in natural waters
Lisa Heerema (Adviser: Dr. Green)

Economics and Management

Executive compensation
Amy Krieg (Adviser: Dr. Frandsen)

A radical look at trade, money, and interest: the foundations and history of the Austrian school of economics
Ryan Kiesel (Adviser: Dr. McCarley)

An in-depth study of John Maynard Keynes
Thomas Youle (Adviser: Dr. McCarley)


Making genre fiction serious II: completing the journey
Dan Wreschnig (Adviser: Dr. MacInnes)

A poetic sequence: integration in Little Rock
Rachael Lyon (Adviser: Dr. Mesa)

The fourth genre: a written investigation in creative non-fiction
Eric Johnson (Adviser: Dr. Stotz-Ghosh)

Foreign Languages

Romanticism versus Classicism: a definition of Goethe's works
Lauren Duthie (Adviser: Dr. Grimm)

Spanish language and Argentinian culture through in international student's travel writing
Amanda Cross (Adviser: Dr. Oswald)


Morphometric analyses of the evolution of the primitive hooved mammal Hyopsodus (Condylarthra, Hyopsodontidae) across the early-middle Eocene boundary
John Adams (Adviser: Dr. Bartels)

Latest Wasatchian (late early Eocene) reptiles and amphibians recovered from anthills, The Pinnacles, Red Desert, Wyoming
Christina Andries (Adviser: Dr. Bartels)

Unusual fossil emydid turtles from the basal Cathedral Bluffs Member, Wasatch Formation, South Pass, Wyoming
Amanda Millhouse (Adviser: Dr. Bartels)

Turbidity and stage cycles in Rice Creek
Paul Roberts (Adviser: Dr. Wilch)


The environmental politics and practices of the USSR
Zachary Dagneau (Adviser: Dr. Cocks)

Defining wilderness: American perceptions of a unique landscape
Heather Handlon (Adviser: Dr. Dick)

Post-war Albion: high hopes or high anxieties?
Stephanie Mann (Adviser: Dr. Dick)

The social history of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 1920s focusing on the metro-Detroit area
Jennifer Fleischmann (Adviser: Dr. Sacks)

"In Manners of Oconomy": manifestations of class consciousness in late eighteenth-century Philadelphian racial beneficence
Jayne Ptolemy (Adviser: Dr. Sacks)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Development of crystallographic analysis algorithms software
James Hice and Jeff Jia (Advisers: Dr. Mason and Dr. Reimann)

Dynamic delivery of campus news and infomation
Daniel Putman (Adviser: Dr. Reimann)


Composing music for a woodwind ensemble and percussion
Shelly McLeod (Adviser: Dr. Bishop)

Creation of the new: composition as a means of self-expression
Amy Riske (Adviser: Dr. Bishop)


A history of Anglo/American interpretations of Kant's transcendental idealism: Pritchard (1909), Strawson (1966), and Allison (1983)
Peter Bornschein and Matthew McKenzie (Adviser: Dr. Baumgartner)

Physical Education

Rotator cuff repair and rehabilitation: a comparison of open and arthroscopic techniques
Katie Hogg (Adviser: Dr. Jayaraman)

The effectiveness of the TWIST program on children's perceived competence
Lesley Jones (Adviser: Dr. Jayaraman)


A theoretical and experimental test of the use of an electrostatic dodecapole to separate H+, H0, and H- ions
Daniel Coupland (Adviser: Dr. Seely)

Political Science

Spousal support of female elected officials in the state of Michigan
Steve Peruski (Adviser: Dr. Dabney)

Problems of democracy: a comparative study of the organization of the German Social Democratic Party and the American Socialist Party, 1900-1914
Samantha Hill (Adviser: Dr. Perusek)

Women of Afghanistan: the clash of Western human rights ideals with a non-Western culture
Jessica Atkinson (Adviser: Dr. Rose)

Pre-Health Institute

The perception of physicians and medicine in Victorian England
Tamar Vescoso (Adviser: Dr. Terstriep)


Ageism and its effect on promotion of younger and older employees
Jennifer Najjar (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)

Predictions of materialism
Liliane Saliba (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)

The effects of perpetrator and victim affluence on evaluations of criminal typicality in auto theft and identity theft
Jordan Troisi (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)

Testing the effects of stress on an anorexic model of the social rodent Octodon degus
Alicia Simon (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Common sense theories of aging and recovery from acute illnesses
Lauren Downham (Adviser: Prof. Jenson)

Relationship between perceived justice and stress and health behaviors
Nick Cauley (Adviser: Prof. Lucas)

Adolescent conflict between siblings and peers: conflict resolution and affective quality
Karly Redburn (Adviser: Dr. Jamie Walter)

Race and voting preference
Spencer Dawson (Adviser: Dr. Mark Walter)

The parsimony of electoral decision making: personality as predictor of political interest and voting accuracy
Ross O'Hara (Adviser: Dr. Mark Walter)

Comparing the effect of scopolamine on trace and delay conditioning in rats
Megan Anderson (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

The effect of varying stimuli in delay and trace conditioning of hippocampus-lesioned rats
Christina Busuito (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Examining the effects of scopolamine on inhibitory responses generated from delay and trace conditioning
David Goodyear (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Religious Studies

The effects of forceful takeovers on religion in India and Greece
Christina Wade (Adviser: Dr. Mourad)

Speech Communication

Propaganda in the 21st century: the information society or the panopticon?
Sarah Wingo (Adviser: Dr. Young)

Women's and Gender Studies

A global look at the affects of race and religion on transgender people
David Geer (Adviser: Dr. Franzen)