Summer Research Projects, Summer 2006


Another America: an ethnography of the Irish-American Travellers
Amanda Boundy (Adviser: Dr. Mullin)

Korean single mothers and their children as portrayed by mass media
Grace Shin (Adviser: Dr. Mullin)

Art and Art History

Animals on the Edge II: Marginal imagery on the Cathedral of Saint-Trophime
Bethany Corriveau (Adviser: Dr. Cavell)

A study in the personification of trees
Laura Beyer (Adviser: Prof. McCauley)


Plastination of Nurse Sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum): a strategy for long-term preservation of biological materials
Rachel Ransom (Adviser: Dr. Carrier)

Sensory system function in Nurse Sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum): acquisition and interpretation of electrophysiology in olfactory pathways
Lindsay Rubin (Adviser: Dr. Carrier)

Sensory system function in Nurse Sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum): acquisition and interpretation of electrophysiology in acoustic nerve pathways
Lindsay Rubin (Adviser: Dr. Carrier)

Does the source of DNA matter? A comparison of DNA extracted from nestling House Wrens and Tree Swallows
David Goodyear (Adviser: Dr. Kennedy)

Analysis of vocalizations of Northern Cardinals throughout a breeding season
Will Lewis (Adviser: Dr. Kennedy)

Home range size and landscape use by wood turtles, Glyptemys insculpta
Kristen Krum (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Fine-scale movements and habitat use by wood turtles, Glyptemys insculpta
Lake Sweet (Adviser: Dr. McCurdy)

Developing a genetic assay to measure reverse transcriptase fidelity
Rasleen Saluja (Adviser: Dr. Saville)

Investigating mechanisms of DNA repair in Drosophila melanogaster
Mark Weismiller (Adviser: Dr. Saville)

Examination of the molecular mechanisms that promote divergent axon morphologies: analysis of Slit chemorepellent expression through cell division in Drosophila melanogaster.
Paul Beach (Adviser: Dr. Scheel)

Investigation of the effect of netrin expression on nerve cell growth and cell cycle regulators.
Wendy Simanton (Adviser: Dr. Scheel)


An electrochemical immunoassay for pollutant detection
Ashley Fields (Adviser: Dr. Beilstein)

The structure and properties of MALDI matrixes
Andrew Fidler (Adviser: Dr. Bieler)

Synthesis and development of chiral hypervalent iodine compounds: an international collaborative project
Shauna Paradine (Adviser: Dr. French)

Progress toward a new class of chiral hypervalent iodine reagent
Sarah Simmons (Adviser: Dr. French)

Permanganate stable ionic liquids
Brandon Morrill and Jacob Skeans (Adviser: Dr. Harris)

Synthesis of organic ligands for molecular magnetism
Andy Brusoe (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Chemical manipulations to synthesize a ligand based on tetrahydro asterriquinone for magnetic materials
Kristyn Darmafall (Adviser: Dr. McCaffrey)

Changing plant species distributions in the Great Basin
Lisa Colville (Adviser: Dr. Van de Ven)


Along the Brick Street: an Albion novel
Corey Crowley (Adviser: Dr. Brown)

Sexuality on the stage in Shakespeare's early modern times
Lauren Karcz (Adviser: Dr. Crupi)

The divine Jane Austen and the sexuality of her sacred texts
Catherine Janssen (Adviser: Dr. Jordan)

200 years: Lord Byron and Oscar Wilde in the public eye
Michael Melvin (Adviser: Dr. Jordan)

Writing through Faulkner: a study of language and narration
Ryan Kiesel (Adviser: Dr. Lockyer)

Economics and Management

The economic success of Puerto Rico based on political identity
Lindsay Weber (Adviser: Dr. Li)

Environmental Institute/Whitehouse Nature Center

The effectiveness of art- versus science-based modules in environmental education for children
Catherine Game (Adviser: Director Crupi and Dr. White)

Foreign Languages

German influence in Argentina: beyond Nazi asylums, a transnational study
Grace Keeney (Adviser: Dr. Grimm)

La Louisiane dans le recueil de poésies "Les Ephémères" par Alexandre Latil
Brandon Hill (Adviser: Dr. Guenin-Lelle)


Rock and roll, cinema, and self-management: popular culture in the former Yugoslavia
Simona Shuboni (Adviser: Dr. Cocks)

EPA and auto emissions
Benjamin Passavant (Adviser: Dr. Dick)

Mathematics and Computer Science

Applications of graph theory to economics
Thomas Youle (Adviser: Dr. Connamacher)

Development of crystallographic analysis software: stereographic projection and image correction
Brian Dick (Adviser: Dr. Mason)


The life, music, and legacy of Howard Hanson and his influences on American classical music and the American music education system
Kevin Ryan (Adviser: Dr. Abbott)

Drill writing: concept to completion
Brenda Errichiello (Adviser: Dr. McIlhagga)

Investigating and applying extended techniques of oboe performance
Allison Gessner (Adviser: Prof. Van de Ven)


A compromise between consequentialism and deontology
Peter Bornschein (Adviser: Dr. Madhok)


Perception of women in the workplace
Mark Wojda (Adviser: Dr. Christopher)

Common sense theories of illness of diabetes and heart disease in an African American population
Lauren Paul (Adviser: Dr. Jensen)

The effects of enriched maternal environments and support on the cognitive performances of offspring in Octodon degus
Dorela Shuboni (Adviser: Dr. Jechura)

Inside the criminal mind: a comparison of matricide and patricide
Adrienne Farrell-VanZomeren (Adviser: Dr. Keyes)

Race and perception of color in skin tone identification tasks
Kelly Parsell (Adviser: Dr. Keyes)

Dorsal hippocampus involvement in trace appetitive conditioning with various lengths of trace intervals in rats.
Megan Anderson (Adviser: Dr. Wilson)

Religious Studies

Asceticism or anorexia: religious freedom and self-harm
Sarah Hewitt (Adviser: Dr. Mourad)


Social consequences of child labor in urban Nigeria
Arielle Carter (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

A sociological analysis of children's educational and occupational aspirations in urban Nigeria
Sarah Richardson (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Parents' views, children's voices: intergenerational analysis of child labor in urban Nigeria
Emily Weber (Adviser: Dr. Togunde)

Speech Communication

Analyzing non-verbal communication
Beckie Garrison and Lindsay Pingel (Adviser: Dr. Erlandson)

The importance of guanxi
Meghan Esper (Adviser: Dr. Young)

Cultural transmission in Shakespeare's comedies: propaganda and early modern popular culture
Sarah Wingo (Adviser: Dr. Young)


"Wrestling" with difficult subjects: using theatre to talk about sexual orientation
Jordan Parsons (Adviser: Dr. Chapman)

Women's and Gender Studies

*Rethinking corporeality: Deleuze, feminism, and the post-psychoanalytic body
Rachel McKinney (Adviser: Dr. Cocks)